Friday, March 29, 2013



Its Friday. Sun is out. The spring switch has been flipped and the store is busy. About time. Tons of bikes on order. And so it begins.

A few days ago someone talked me into selling my pics in the store. I have a million of them with a couple that are really good. So Im going to mat up some 8X10's and 11X13's and hang them with a price tag. I'll start with 10 shots and see what happens. Im already thinking of buying a new camera.

My Dad used to take a ton of wildlife pics and then sell them at craft shows and things like that. I guess that's where I get this from. Back in his day there was no digital stuff. You took the pic and went in the darkroom to get it. He processed the film in slides. For you younger kids, slides are little squares of the pic, like a small negative  the slides then could be put in a projector. Or you could use the slide over and over to make prints. But there was no "backup" of the pic. The slide was it. So he had then in a "safebox". Like a money safe that holds hundreds of these slides.

I have that box and all his pics. Most about 35 years old. Im going to take some time and go thru them to see if I can get some transferred to digital. My Dads long since past away but I bet he would have never guessed that the pics he took in the late 70's would end up for sale, on a wall in a bike shop in 2013. Crazy world.

Now that spring is sprung and the store get a bit busy, I can afford to bring on some help and that means I can get away a bit more for riding.
The Saturday group ride looks like great weather although rain is looking to come in but not till afternoon. Sunday will be another ride for me as long as its not too wet. Mid 40,s for temps has me flirting with knee warmers instead of tights. I won't push it tho....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Get outside!


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