Tuesday, March 5, 2013


While it looks like it could snow, we are getting none. Which is the way I like it. South of here is getting quite a bit. Remember, I gave up on winter several weeks ago.
Last time I said that we got 17 inches of heavy, wet snow.
And the skiing is pretty darn good right now, but I wish it away. I wish it gone. My cross bike is waiting for the streets to clear up a bit so I can start the road to biking recovery.

As bad as I am in the saddle right now, as bad as Im going to do at the fatbike race Saturday, as bad as I will feel Saturday afternoon, I cannot let it get me down.

Ive been out of shape before and I was always amazed on how fast it came back. I remember feeling noticeably better with every ride and I hope to feel that again.

As much as my mind has been on the store, it has started to drift toward the weekend already. Leaving Thursday about 3pm for the 6 hour drive to Cable, WI. Hanging out in the Hayward area too. Will do some skiing. Race the bike. Ski some more. Eat and drink. Live it up this weekend cuz when I get back its game on getting back to riding weight (and I use that term loosely). Even fat people have a riding weight.

On the store front, yesterday had the security guy, electrician and carpet guys here at the same time. All finished their respected jobs and do not have to return. Things are getting in order little by little, day by day. And thats a good thing. Today, I think I will stop here and coast into the weekend, picking things up when I return from the Great White North.

Thats about it for today.


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