Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As store issues wind down Im trying to slow my brain down a bit. Yesterday did a lot of work on the second floor, which is the shop and some sales floor. Also a full time fitting studio.

Today is my last full day here till next week. About half my attention will be on the store, the other half on prepping for my weekend.

This weekend has been a long time coming. I think I registered for this race back in November. At the time I did that this store was not even a thought yet. Thats how fast this all this store stuff came about. Maybe a bit too fast but as I said before, you need to take advantage of situations when they arise, not when its the best time for you.

The Napoleon doll I have had for many years. Got it around 2006. Found it again during the move and he sits once again on my desk. On my 2008 bike tour around Wisconsin he was my constant companion.

He stayed zip tied right there for all 918 miles. Never complained.

So as I prep for yet another weekend out of town (second in last three) Im trying to once again forget about life for awhile, all work at store will stop for the time being, only to resume when I get back.

This could be the last post till I get up there. For three nights I will be staying at the historic Telemark Resort where the bike race starts and finishes.

Ive been here many times before but not in the last 10 years. Its been thru some hard times but a new owner hopefully will get it going again. Such a beautiful and historic place. Excellent skiing in the winter. and awesome MTBing in the summer.
In its early days many a famous person flew into its adjacent air field for some R&R.
I used to drive my motorhome up and stay here in the early 2000's for the Fat Tires 40.

So my next post most likely will be from the Cable\Hayward area on Friday. Drive up Thursday. Ski and short ride on Friday. Race and then limp around on Saturday. Ski on Sunday, then drive home. A full weekend.


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Sarah Kopf said...

Just had a good chuckle! Napolean Dynamite. Classic!

Have a great time!