Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Start of 45k

A repost of me leaving in the 18k. Im green.
I think I should elaborate on the reason I was out of town last weekend. I touched on it on Monday but I was dealing with a flooded basement as was not all there at the time.

So lets talk about the event.

Fatbike races are popping up all over. For the most part they have been low key put on by a couple of guys. Mostly for a reason to hang and drink beer. And those events are nothing but a great time.
Then, a few ski clubs started to jump on the bandwagon. Letting the race take place on their groomed ski trails after the skiers are all said and done. That took this type of event to a new level.  The trails were faster. Way better than just a beat down path in the snow. But still, when you attended that event you still kinda felt like a afterthought. After the ski race is said and done.  But being able to race on a groomed skate ski trail is a fun time.

The Birkie Fatbike race was much different  First off, its put on by the actual American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation. Not some people that asked to use the trails. These people know what they are doing as far as trail prep and overall organisation.
And, the bike race was not just a afterthought. It was the only reason they were there. Bikes were not just tagged on a ski race. Fatbikes was the race. Many other ski organisations were waiting to see what happened here. Up to now, ski clubs were a bit hesitant to race bikes on their trails. Not knowing the damage. Would the damage be permanent and kill the trail? 
Now that the Birkie organisation has done this so many others will follow.
After the race I saw skiers head out on the trails before any regrooming. And were doing just fine. Even in the warmer temps.
So, the standard has been set. And its going to snowball (pun intended).

Despite my ranting about Telemark Resort (which I did so out of love) it is the perfect place to put on a ski race. Thus makes it the perfect place to put on a fatbike race.

In its inaugural attempt, the Fatbike Birkie surpassed bike count from any other race to date. At least any that I know of. Watching the 45k race roll out was surreal Never before have I, or anyone really, seen that many fatbikes race off the line. Very cool.
Even in my race, the 18k, we had 51 bikes and that along was more than most other races.

What a thrill riding on the rolling Birkie trail in the winter. Firm snow. Fast downhills.

I can see 500 bikes next year. Ned Overend was registered but either bailed or could not make it. Steve Tilford has typed he wants to do this race. Soon many Pro's will be at the start line. And I can say I was at the first one.

In fact, many riders stated the same thought. How cool it will be to say I attended the first Fatbike Birkie back in 13'. How cool would it be to say ten (or more) years from now that I attended every Bike Birkie race to date. If this thing gets to lottery size I think all us first timers should be grandfathered in for the rest of out lives.



sprider said...

I like that "grandfather" idea, even though you are one and I'm not...

Lacey said...

I too agree with the "grandfather" in idea. Incentive to keep going back. Both my husband and brother raced in the 45k and loved it. Said the trails were perfect.