Monday, March 18, 2013



Over 4 hours of saddle time this weekend and I can feel it.

Saturday had only three of us riding as it was wet and slushy. I started with the cross bike but a bad front hub bearing but me on the fatbike at the last minute. Then it was over two hours of snowy road riding. Really, my first ride in well over a month if you didn't count the 54 minute race last weekend. I was a little sore but glad that was in a good way.

Sunday had a fatbike crew from Manitowoc drive down and the three of them joined the three of us on a fatbike ride on the beach. Another 2 plus hour ride with 23 miles of sand and lake.
The water crossings were still pretty big so we were limited to how far south we could go but still had a ton of beach to ride. The roads were all dried up from the snowfall on Friday but it seems we are destined to get another round of snow today. I might even groom the park tomorrow if the snow hits. Grooming on March 19th. Thats nuts!

Im not exactly happy about that but it just does not pay to worry about things one cant control. Since the big snow about two weeks ago the store has been silent. The weather turns off the bikers, and the skiers are just ready to move on. Even the hard core skiers always say they put them away after the Birkie. And now I hear the main local trail system is in its best shape of the year. In the middle of March. Remember a year ago it was 72 degrees here. So now winter finally arrives after everyone is done with it.
Way to go. Epic fail.

Im pretty pumped to get all that saddle time this weekend and I hope to get up to 10 hours per week soon. However, my damn knee is once again acting up and I hope putting off the replacement was not the wrong thing to do.
This morning its not working well and I hope I can limp it thru another summer even if its the last one with it. Maybe my Doc can shoot a screw in there somewhere to hold it together for another 6 months. That would be cool.

I could care less about walking, as long as I can ride....


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