Wednesday, March 20, 2013



And just as the lake shipping ended for the winter it now begins. This is the Joseph L Block heading up to Escanaba, MI.

I bet they did not think they would be running on the first day of spring at 9 degrees this morn. As the weather gets better the big ships run farther from shore and most of the time you cant see them. But its cool to resume my hobby of big ship spotting. I guess spring is here in every way but the weather and thats the most important part.

Other than seeing my first ship things are still quiet around here. Now that the new store is 90% done I need to return to the old store for final cleaning. Thats kinda a bummer. Not much fun.

As far as riding, nothing during the week it seems. Single digits will do that. And as much as I am panicking about my cycling fitness, in talking to the others in our group it seems Im not the only one who spent record time off the bike in the last few months. That makes me feel a little better.

But not much.



Sarah said...

I just can't get out there on the bike in the cold... I can't do it! Too cold

Are you going to be at the Oshkosh bike swap this weekend at the Sunnyview? And I see you're carrying Felt now! :)


Dan Dittrich said...

I did not plan on it but with this crappy weather I should. But still too busy in the store yet......