Thursday, March 14, 2013


Im trying to slow down a bit. Sadly the Sheboygan area has been under a flood watch after getting 2 inches of rain on top of 17 inches of snow.
Sunday nite my poor sump pump was doing double time but it needed to do triple time to stay dry. Needless to say I received several feet of water in my basement.

Since I was gone since Thursday, here I was dealing with the heating guy, insurance company while trying to catch up in a store that was not completely set up yet. The paperwork on my desk is huge. I have vendors calling for payments that have been cut and sitting on my desk that I just have not had time to mail. Sorry guys.

You can see the high water line on the wall. What a mess.
I will also mention we have been without heat or hot water since Sunday nite. Only heat in house is the fireplace that has been in constant use. Its kinda like camping. Wake up to a 48 degree house and get the fire started, only to huddle there for some time before the house warms up.
Its kinda fun actually.

So today Im just trying to catch up with life. 
And on top of all that my accountant is here closing the 2012 books. Better late than never.
New furnace and water heater coming tomorrow to the tune of 5k. Insurance adjuster coming today.

All super fun stuff today.


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Sarah Kopf said...

That just totally, totally sucks... Sorry Dan-o!