Friday, March 15, 2013


Electronic driveline fairy.
Cant believe its Friday already. What a week its been from camping out in our own house. Hauling our the entire contents of our basement. Catching up with store paperwork. Keeping the transition to new store moving.
As you would guess, no bike riding of any kind.

This weekend marks mid March and its really time to get off the pot. Its shut up and ride time.
Any weather or temp. I need to pick a time slot and just go.

My thoughts of what equipment Im going to ride dance thru my head. Other years I would have these rides already in house but with the impending move I just didnt think that far ahead but now that the store switch is 90% done and the snow is melting I need to look forward to my summer bikes.

For the first year Im building these bikes from scratch, just getting both a road and mountain frame and putting on the components I really like, not what the company spec'd and thats going to be a blast. And going make some sweet rides.

First off, Im going all Shimano for the first time in years.
The pic is my personal Shimano delivery dude dropping off some XTR and DuraAce Di. Yup, I said DuraAce 11 speed electronic. Pretty much everything else is Easton, including the wheels.
Now I just need to decide what frames to use.
Im so pumped about these bikes it silly.

This is the thought process that gets me going. This is what needed to happen to get me back on the bike. This happened sooner other years cuz I had the stuff sooner.

So as of today, I am in full summer mode. Its bikes. Not ski's.

Bikes I tell you! And Im going to ride them both Saturday and Sunday.
Going to do it for real.
Have a good weekend.


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Sarah Kopf said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!