Monday, March 25, 2013


Saturday group ride

Finally we got a good group on the Saturday ride. Two road bikes, three cross bikes and the rest MTB's Nice mix.

Its been since forever that I rode in a group. And it showed. While to me it was apparent that I was out of touch and out of shape I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone else was too. All the skiing in the world still cant replace the art of peddling in a group. Some riders very much stronger than I fell off the back. Looks we all have some work to do.
I was just happy to put 40 miles on a bike with a drop bar. For the little I have been riding, its been the fatbike since December. It was nice to put in some road miles on the crossbike. And this bike will be the weapon of choice for the next month or so. Also a time where I will be building up my road ride. Looking at the 10 day, looks like the weather dudes upped the temps, with consistent 40's in 5 days. Bring it.

I had hoped to get another ride in Sunday but snowy wet roads had me decide to head back up to Sturgeon Bay to watch a few big ships leave port after several months downtime. We spent three hours there but even tho two ships were tethered to a tug, they did not leave while I was there. But we did see one come in to take the empty slip of the Oberstar that left in the morning (we missed it by just an hour).
Pushing and pulling in

So it was not a complete bust. Soon all the USA ships will be gone and the Canadian ships will come in. This is the Algosoo, from Canada.
So all in all a good weekend. Now that the cross bike is up and running my thoughts will turn to a morning or two of cold rides starting every week. My goal this time of year is 10 hours per week. Sounds easy. For me is not.

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Sarah Kopf said...

I would love to be able to ride with you sometime! That sounds awesome!