Thursday, March 21, 2013


Here's the view from the store deck today. Once again woke to single digits. Looking at the 10 day, no 40's in sight.

Ski trails are premium right now and it looks like we could ski into April. I cannot remember that ever happening. Not here.

It just makes me wonder. Its been really cold. But not record cold. Wednesday did not see much more than 15 degrees. But before you panic about the atmosphere being screwed up I read it was only the 8th coldest on March 20th.
Really. Its been this cold and colder this time of year. Maybe its been awhile but it has.
So there is no apparent apocalypse causing this weather. Its just a cold weather pattern. 
Nothing more.
Last March it was 70's this time of year and I thought maybe the "global warming" thing is actually starting to creep in. I thought about it and figured warmer, earlier springs would not be a bad thing for the bike store and my riding in general. The everlasting effect I would not see in my lifetime, or maybe my children's lifetime so what the hell? Warm it up a few degrees.

But just as this is a cold snap, last years March was just a warm snap. And I can remember riding many days in late April\early May last year where it never got warmer than 45 degrees.

So roll with it. Don't put away your ski's just on principle. When winter hangs on too long just keep doing winter stuff. I do plan on riding this weekend but I also plan some skiing to. 35 degrees and sunny is an awesome time to ski. 
I still will wish the snow away.
But I'll take advantage of it until it does.

Do it for real.


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