Friday, March 29, 2013



Its Friday. Sun is out. The spring switch has been flipped and the store is busy. About time. Tons of bikes on order. And so it begins.

A few days ago someone talked me into selling my pics in the store. I have a million of them with a couple that are really good. So Im going to mat up some 8X10's and 11X13's and hang them with a price tag. I'll start with 10 shots and see what happens. Im already thinking of buying a new camera.

My Dad used to take a ton of wildlife pics and then sell them at craft shows and things like that. I guess that's where I get this from. Back in his day there was no digital stuff. You took the pic and went in the darkroom to get it. He processed the film in slides. For you younger kids, slides are little squares of the pic, like a small negative  the slides then could be put in a projector. Or you could use the slide over and over to make prints. But there was no "backup" of the pic. The slide was it. So he had then in a "safebox". Like a money safe that holds hundreds of these slides.

I have that box and all his pics. Most about 35 years old. Im going to take some time and go thru them to see if I can get some transferred to digital. My Dads long since past away but I bet he would have never guessed that the pics he took in the late 70's would end up for sale, on a wall in a bike shop in 2013. Crazy world.

Now that spring is sprung and the store get a bit busy, I can afford to bring on some help and that means I can get away a bit more for riding.
The Saturday group ride looks like great weather although rain is looking to come in but not till afternoon. Sunday will be another ride for me as long as its not too wet. Mid 40,s for temps has me flirting with knee warmers instead of tights. I won't push it tho....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Get outside!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013


file foto
Today spring is starting to ramp up. 37 degrees and sun at wake up means well into the 40's.

All the ice formations on the lake's shore are gone. Bare sand soaking up all the heat of the day. The ice can form 30 yards out when we get a cold spell. And it does take days and days to form. But when the spring temps and sun hit it just right its all gone in about 30 hours.

And today its totally gone. One can walk the beach once again.

I have not yet seen a Robin but they are here. Every morning as I walk into the store a Cardinal is singing in the tree next to. The Sandhill cranes are back. The Sheboygan river behind the store is completely open. Tons of ducks and geese.

Its all coming together and with the coming of second winter it seems spring is going to hit like a two ton heavy thing. Im preparing the store as such. Keeping temp staff at the ready for the beginning of the cycling season. Opening day is soon.

Soon my morning rides will start. Soon I will not need to carry as much clothing in my backpack for riding, ditching the thermal tights for knee warmers, etc. The lingering snow will keep us out of the woods for awhile but a few warmer, windy days will dry the trails in time.

This will all be very soon.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I almost never post about my weight issues anymore. Its always just sounded like I was either complaining or just feeling sorry for myself. 
Or both.

I guess its cuz I can carry it for the most part. Even with the weight I still ride good enough to race and group ride (for the most part). I always thought I was about the fastest fat guy on a bike. So... I just rolled with it so to speak. Then, in just the last few years, the weight started taking a toll on my body. 
First off, I need a CPAP machine to sleep. Then, last year I find out my knee is shot and needs a complete replacement. It hurts everyday. Thats not a direct fault of my weight but Im sure it contributed.
Now, I have a hip thats going bad. Again, not just because Im overweight but the extra work my joints are doing is taking a toll.

Im not sure when my mind will be strong enough to lose the weight, but my time is running out on my active life. Left unchecked I could be off the bike in just several years. Not completely off the bike but not racing or riding hard with the group rides. Riding how I like to ride.

Right now I cant walk well. I could not walk more than 20 minutes until the pain in my joints screams at me. As far as cardio, I believe my heart is as strong as I horse. My heart rate is strong. At 52 years old I can still hit the upper 180's. An hour long race I can average 170. So I can still pedal pretty hard. Its just all my joints form my waist down is going to hell fast. Its more of a mechanical issue.

And losing weight wont fix that but would make things easier to tolerate. My problem is that I just cant lose weight by just eating less. I could eat less, but then I feel like crap all the time. Back in 2008 I went thru a tough patch in my life and lost 40 pounds by starving myself. I was faster on the bike and felt like shit 90% of the time. Im pretty sure I did more damaged my body and did more harm than good.

Im going to need that knee replacement someday. And Im putting it off as long as I can. Maybe wait until they can add a hip to that too. Do it in one swing.
Or maybe not do it at all.
Whatever. As long as I can still ride like I want to ride.

So I have some decisions to make. I know what I need to do. I just have a hard time doing it long term. But someday its going to come to do it or stop living the life I have now have. At what point it does not come as a decision at all. At what point will it be a necessity?

I just need to do it for real and shut up about it.
Maybe someday.


Monday, March 25, 2013


Saturday group ride

Finally we got a good group on the Saturday ride. Two road bikes, three cross bikes and the rest MTB's Nice mix.

Its been since forever that I rode in a group. And it showed. While to me it was apparent that I was out of touch and out of shape I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone else was too. All the skiing in the world still cant replace the art of peddling in a group. Some riders very much stronger than I fell off the back. Looks we all have some work to do.
I was just happy to put 40 miles on a bike with a drop bar. For the little I have been riding, its been the fatbike since December. It was nice to put in some road miles on the crossbike. And this bike will be the weapon of choice for the next month or so. Also a time where I will be building up my road ride. Looking at the 10 day, looks like the weather dudes upped the temps, with consistent 40's in 5 days. Bring it.

I had hoped to get another ride in Sunday but snowy wet roads had me decide to head back up to Sturgeon Bay to watch a few big ships leave port after several months downtime. We spent three hours there but even tho two ships were tethered to a tug, they did not leave while I was there. But we did see one come in to take the empty slip of the Oberstar that left in the morning (we missed it by just an hour).
Pushing and pulling in

So it was not a complete bust. Soon all the USA ships will be gone and the Canadian ships will come in. This is the Algosoo, from Canada.
So all in all a good weekend. Now that the cross bike is up and running my thoughts will turn to a morning or two of cold rides starting every week. My goal this time of year is 10 hours per week. Sounds easy. For me is not.

Friday, March 22, 2013



Looks like these temps are here for a while. I check many weather web sites and it seems the high pressure thats in Canada will sit there at least 10 more days allowing cold air to pour in. Highs is the low 30's, lows in the teens. Well below the average high of 42.

We but as much as this weather is beating us down we do have one entity on our side. And that's the sun. Even in the cold times its directly above us now, melting the snow and ice. On the beach, the sand soaks in and holds the heat so the snow is melting away more every day. Even on days when the high is only 24 like yesterday. To me, 35 and sunny feels like 50 and cloudy. And if the sun works with me and not against me, I should start building hours in the saddle.

As in the past, I always get torn between skiing and riding. My window to do stuff seems to get smaller as I get older so I want to take advantage of it. Half of me says to go skiing while I can, the other says get your ass on that bike. I guess a perfect weekend would include both and thats what Im looking for this weekend.

Looks like clear roads tomorrow for the group ride that has been done to a trickle lately. Right now its the one morning per week that I put time aside for a bike ride and I dare not miss anymore. Im in. Like I said last week I cant wait anymore. Its go time.
Cross bike for me. Road ride.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Here's the view from the store deck today. Once again woke to single digits. Looking at the 10 day, no 40's in sight.

Ski trails are premium right now and it looks like we could ski into April. I cannot remember that ever happening. Not here.

It just makes me wonder. Its been really cold. But not record cold. Wednesday did not see much more than 15 degrees. But before you panic about the atmosphere being screwed up I read it was only the 8th coldest on March 20th.
Really. Its been this cold and colder this time of year. Maybe its been awhile but it has.
So there is no apparent apocalypse causing this weather. Its just a cold weather pattern. 
Nothing more.
Last March it was 70's this time of year and I thought maybe the "global warming" thing is actually starting to creep in. I thought about it and figured warmer, earlier springs would not be a bad thing for the bike store and my riding in general. The everlasting effect I would not see in my lifetime, or maybe my children's lifetime so what the hell? Warm it up a few degrees.

But just as this is a cold snap, last years March was just a warm snap. And I can remember riding many days in late April\early May last year where it never got warmer than 45 degrees.

So roll with it. Don't put away your ski's just on principle. When winter hangs on too long just keep doing winter stuff. I do plan on riding this weekend but I also plan some skiing to. 35 degrees and sunny is an awesome time to ski. 
I still will wish the snow away.
But I'll take advantage of it until it does.

Do it for real.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013



And just as the lake shipping ended for the winter it now begins. This is the Joseph L Block heading up to Escanaba, MI.

I bet they did not think they would be running on the first day of spring at 9 degrees this morn. As the weather gets better the big ships run farther from shore and most of the time you cant see them. But its cool to resume my hobby of big ship spotting. I guess spring is here in every way but the weather and thats the most important part.

Other than seeing my first ship things are still quiet around here. Now that the new store is 90% done I need to return to the old store for final cleaning. Thats kinda a bummer. Not much fun.

As far as riding, nothing during the week it seems. Single digits will do that. And as much as I am panicking about my cycling fitness, in talking to the others in our group it seems Im not the only one who spent record time off the bike in the last few months. That makes me feel a little better.

But not much.


Monday, March 18, 2013



Over 4 hours of saddle time this weekend and I can feel it.

Saturday had only three of us riding as it was wet and slushy. I started with the cross bike but a bad front hub bearing but me on the fatbike at the last minute. Then it was over two hours of snowy road riding. Really, my first ride in well over a month if you didn't count the 54 minute race last weekend. I was a little sore but glad that was in a good way.

Sunday had a fatbike crew from Manitowoc drive down and the three of them joined the three of us on a fatbike ride on the beach. Another 2 plus hour ride with 23 miles of sand and lake.
The water crossings were still pretty big so we were limited to how far south we could go but still had a ton of beach to ride. The roads were all dried up from the snowfall on Friday but it seems we are destined to get another round of snow today. I might even groom the park tomorrow if the snow hits. Grooming on March 19th. Thats nuts!

Im not exactly happy about that but it just does not pay to worry about things one cant control. Since the big snow about two weeks ago the store has been silent. The weather turns off the bikers, and the skiers are just ready to move on. Even the hard core skiers always say they put them away after the Birkie. And now I hear the main local trail system is in its best shape of the year. In the middle of March. Remember a year ago it was 72 degrees here. So now winter finally arrives after everyone is done with it.
Way to go. Epic fail.

Im pretty pumped to get all that saddle time this weekend and I hope to get up to 10 hours per week soon. However, my damn knee is once again acting up and I hope putting off the replacement was not the wrong thing to do.
This morning its not working well and I hope I can limp it thru another summer even if its the last one with it. Maybe my Doc can shoot a screw in there somewhere to hold it together for another 6 months. That would be cool.

I could care less about walking, as long as I can ride....


Friday, March 15, 2013


Electronic driveline fairy.
Cant believe its Friday already. What a week its been from camping out in our own house. Hauling our the entire contents of our basement. Catching up with store paperwork. Keeping the transition to new store moving.
As you would guess, no bike riding of any kind.

This weekend marks mid March and its really time to get off the pot. Its shut up and ride time.
Any weather or temp. I need to pick a time slot and just go.

My thoughts of what equipment Im going to ride dance thru my head. Other years I would have these rides already in house but with the impending move I just didnt think that far ahead but now that the store switch is 90% done and the snow is melting I need to look forward to my summer bikes.

For the first year Im building these bikes from scratch, just getting both a road and mountain frame and putting on the components I really like, not what the company spec'd and thats going to be a blast. And going make some sweet rides.

First off, Im going all Shimano for the first time in years.
The pic is my personal Shimano delivery dude dropping off some XTR and DuraAce Di. Yup, I said DuraAce 11 speed electronic. Pretty much everything else is Easton, including the wheels.
Now I just need to decide what frames to use.
Im so pumped about these bikes it silly.

This is the thought process that gets me going. This is what needed to happen to get me back on the bike. This happened sooner other years cuz I had the stuff sooner.

So as of today, I am in full summer mode. Its bikes. Not ski's.

Bikes I tell you! And Im going to ride them both Saturday and Sunday.
Going to do it for real.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, March 14, 2013


Im trying to slow down a bit. Sadly the Sheboygan area has been under a flood watch after getting 2 inches of rain on top of 17 inches of snow.
Sunday nite my poor sump pump was doing double time but it needed to do triple time to stay dry. Needless to say I received several feet of water in my basement.

Since I was gone since Thursday, here I was dealing with the heating guy, insurance company while trying to catch up in a store that was not completely set up yet. The paperwork on my desk is huge. I have vendors calling for payments that have been cut and sitting on my desk that I just have not had time to mail. Sorry guys.

You can see the high water line on the wall. What a mess.
I will also mention we have been without heat or hot water since Sunday nite. Only heat in house is the fireplace that has been in constant use. Its kinda like camping. Wake up to a 48 degree house and get the fire started, only to huddle there for some time before the house warms up.
Its kinda fun actually.

So today Im just trying to catch up with life. 
And on top of all that my accountant is here closing the 2012 books. Better late than never.
New furnace and water heater coming tomorrow to the tune of 5k. Insurance adjuster coming today.

All super fun stuff today.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Start of 45k

A repost of me leaving in the 18k. Im green.
I think I should elaborate on the reason I was out of town last weekend. I touched on it on Monday but I was dealing with a flooded basement as was not all there at the time.

So lets talk about the event.

Fatbike races are popping up all over. For the most part they have been low key put on by a couple of guys. Mostly for a reason to hang and drink beer. And those events are nothing but a great time.
Then, a few ski clubs started to jump on the bandwagon. Letting the race take place on their groomed ski trails after the skiers are all said and done. That took this type of event to a new level.  The trails were faster. Way better than just a beat down path in the snow. But still, when you attended that event you still kinda felt like a afterthought. After the ski race is said and done.  But being able to race on a groomed skate ski trail is a fun time.

The Birkie Fatbike race was much different  First off, its put on by the actual American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation. Not some people that asked to use the trails. These people know what they are doing as far as trail prep and overall organisation.
And, the bike race was not just a afterthought. It was the only reason they were there. Bikes were not just tagged on a ski race. Fatbikes was the race. Many other ski organisations were waiting to see what happened here. Up to now, ski clubs were a bit hesitant to race bikes on their trails. Not knowing the damage. Would the damage be permanent and kill the trail? 
Now that the Birkie organisation has done this so many others will follow.
After the race I saw skiers head out on the trails before any regrooming. And were doing just fine. Even in the warmer temps.
So, the standard has been set. And its going to snowball (pun intended).

Despite my ranting about Telemark Resort (which I did so out of love) it is the perfect place to put on a ski race. Thus makes it the perfect place to put on a fatbike race.

In its inaugural attempt, the Fatbike Birkie surpassed bike count from any other race to date. At least any that I know of. Watching the 45k race roll out was surreal Never before have I, or anyone really, seen that many fatbikes race off the line. Very cool.
Even in my race, the 18k, we had 51 bikes and that along was more than most other races.

What a thrill riding on the rolling Birkie trail in the winter. Firm snow. Fast downhills.

I can see 500 bikes next year. Ned Overend was registered but either bailed or could not make it. Steve Tilford has typed he wants to do this race. Soon many Pro's will be at the start line. And I can say I was at the first one.

In fact, many riders stated the same thought. How cool it will be to say I attended the first Fatbike Birkie back in 13'. How cool would it be to say ten (or more) years from now that I attended every Bike Birkie race to date. If this thing gets to lottery size I think all us first timers should be grandfathered in for the rest of out lives.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TELEMARK (part 2)

Leaving. Non operational ski hills in background.

This lobby is still breathtaking after all the years.
I thought maybe my first post about this place may have been misleading. But it was not. I could type quite some time about the crap we saw there. But I wont. Needless to say this is a beautiful place that is mismanaged. And maybe it not any one's fault. The place is falling apart for sure. It is minimally staffed and it shows. I saw every player from the "Hotel Impossible" show except for the owner. And its no surprise that the few here love this place. That does show.

But it seems just too much to do with so little.  To me it looks like the owner pooled as much money as he could to buy the place, with nothing left for repairs or even general maintenance. Staff levels based on current resort income is leaving them short it seems.

I think I said this last time, but I can look past all that. This is such a beautiful place and its sad to see it run on a shoestring. But... its better than locked doors.

Sunday when I left I took a lot of pictures. A lot. Deep down I was thinking this could be the last time I see this place. I hope not. Its easy to sit back and think of things like maybe just shut down a wing and concentrate on a smaller part of the resort. Remember, this place is huge, as we found out exploring on Thursday nite.

There is just no way you can upkeep the entire resort when your using only 30% of it.
The way things look now, it will not survive. How can it? The entire alpine ski hill was shut. No lifts working. I dont understand that but also dont know why. One would think that any entity that operates that place, even a well funded one, would need the downhill skiing going on.

On the Nordic side, what can one say? Its about as good as it gets. The grooming equipment was current and operating. The trails there are well taken care of and beautiful (as I rode my bike on them).

Friday skiing.
But I did get some skiing in on Friday. 40 degrees had me comfortably in shorts. Snow was a little sticky but I put in a good 5k on the classics (cuz I dont skate). Saw a pair of Bald Eagles and some wolf tracks (huge!)

March skiing is the best.

So while I was a bit upset with the check in fiasco on Thursday nite, it did lead to some fun in exploring. Which just added to the weekend. And I must say I did eat there twice and the food was very good. The race was awesome and the trails great.

I do hope the current owners make it. And I can look past all the shortcomings and will stay here again. But I think that's a long shot. I hope Im wrong but anything short of a big corporation coming in with a ton of money to spend will have this landmark tore down someday. Some parts of this place already look beyond repair.
Again, I hope that is not the case. I love this place and love the area its in.

Just the history of this place makes it cool to be in. All the celebrity's that came in its heyday. This visit I found out that Emeril Lagasse was once a chef here. This place was once such a big deal. Lets hope for the best.


Monday, March 11, 2013


Sneaking thru. In the green kit. In zone 5.

My time here is short. I came home to a flooded out basement. Such fun.

The race went fine. I came in 27 out of 51. I'll take that with the shape Im in. It was a super fun race that I will for sure do again. The trails were very firm. I rocked 15 pounds of air in my tires. A practice almost never heard of with these bikes. I worked out for me tho...

After my usual too fast of a start I faded to catch my breath. After that I used my Chuamy technique of blasting the downhills to get over halfway up the next hill before I had to climb. Many a bike passed me climbing only to have me pass them going down the next hill at ludicrous speed. About 3/4 thru the race I found myself alone. And caught (and passed) three more riders before the finish. I didn't fall. I didn't take last and I passed someone late in the race. So its a good first Fatbike Birkie in the books.

Ive got more pics, and more Telemark story's to come. Hopefully tomorrow.


Friday, March 8, 2013


A very dark lobby. Still beautiful.
I love this place. The lobby is stunning. The area is gorgeous. The cross country skiing is the best in the Midwest. The MTBing is also above par.
Why cant this resort make it?
Did you see the episode of "Hotel Impossible" that featured this place? I think its still on out DVR.

I can tell you its no better.

They did make some improvements. And the lobby is still breathtaking. The bar\grill looks improved. But its the little things they miss. Our rooms were a bit dirty. But our check in was unbelievable.
We got here about 9pm. Walked into the lobby and its dark. I mean the entire resort was dark. Nobody here.
I walked around a bit, not knowing what to do. I saw a groomer on the other side of the resort so I jumped in the car and drove over there and he disappeared into the woods before I got there. We go back to the lobby. I was ready to drive to another hotel. Then, I walked along one of the counters in the lobby and randomly found a envelope with my name on it. My keys to the room. I had no idea. The never told me about this. I was 30 seconds from driving away.

yeah, for the last month most likely.
Found out room. Still, was are alone. Not another soul in this building. Rooms still old and untouched. A bit dusty. The TV does not work well.

Everywhere things don't work.

We start roaming the halls. Its dark and "The Shining" comes to mind.

This place is huge. We spent a lot of time looking behind closed doors. Nothing was locked. Checking out small office rooms. This was about 10pm. Lots of empty space here. Big themed rooms that you can see were not being used. Then......

We see another person down at the end of the hall. Walking our way. In the dark. On the second floor. We kinda try to ditch but its too late. I recognize the guy. He's the "general manager" seen from the Hotel Impossible show. He's in his PJ's. He walks past us without talking. Now... things are weird. Really? You see two people walking around at 1030pm and you dont say anything? I remember from the show he said he lived there. He really does.

About a hour later, we still are roaming, and a few groomers return and come into the bar\grill area. They were talkative  As we retired to our room I just thought what a strange nite it was. On one hand I cant believe it, on the other I had fun exploring the place at nite, in the dark. Really, we had the run of the place and could have done just about anything and got away with it. Just a weird experience.
And beside all it shortcomings.
I still love this place.

Today is a little skiing and maybe a bit of Birkie pre ride. They will let bikes on the first two miles. Nothing more.


Thursday, March 7, 2013


Thought I would not have time to post today but I do! Just opened the store.
But beforehand, after I stopped for a brief visit to the HP and got my oil changed, stopped at the bank and grocery store.

Im ready for the weekend!

The store seems good to go. Everyday before I come here I stop at the old store to get a box full of stuff. My lease there does not run out till the end of April so I have time to empty it. A box full a day adds up!

So my mind is not on work, its on the 6 hour drive up to Cable, WI. 

As well it should be. 

Car is well over halfway packed. Just a few last minute things (like our ski's) and we are off!

I just love it up there. Except for the CC skiing can be a little trying at times. Either your going straight up or straight down. Hope to find a "beginner" loop at the resort. Im not that good of skier. Will take lots of pictures and post them.
Thus ends the quickie.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As store issues wind down Im trying to slow my brain down a bit. Yesterday did a lot of work on the second floor, which is the shop and some sales floor. Also a full time fitting studio.

Today is my last full day here till next week. About half my attention will be on the store, the other half on prepping for my weekend.

This weekend has been a long time coming. I think I registered for this race back in November. At the time I did that this store was not even a thought yet. Thats how fast this all this store stuff came about. Maybe a bit too fast but as I said before, you need to take advantage of situations when they arise, not when its the best time for you.

The Napoleon doll I have had for many years. Got it around 2006. Found it again during the move and he sits once again on my desk. On my 2008 bike tour around Wisconsin he was my constant companion.

He stayed zip tied right there for all 918 miles. Never complained.

So as I prep for yet another weekend out of town (second in last three) Im trying to once again forget about life for awhile, all work at store will stop for the time being, only to resume when I get back.

This could be the last post till I get up there. For three nights I will be staying at the historic Telemark Resort where the bike race starts and finishes.

Ive been here many times before but not in the last 10 years. Its been thru some hard times but a new owner hopefully will get it going again. Such a beautiful and historic place. Excellent skiing in the winter. and awesome MTBing in the summer.
In its early days many a famous person flew into its adjacent air field for some R&R.
I used to drive my motorhome up and stay here in the early 2000's for the Fat Tires 40.

So my next post most likely will be from the Cable\Hayward area on Friday. Drive up Thursday. Ski and short ride on Friday. Race and then limp around on Saturday. Ski on Sunday, then drive home. A full weekend.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


While it looks like it could snow, we are getting none. Which is the way I like it. South of here is getting quite a bit. Remember, I gave up on winter several weeks ago.
Last time I said that we got 17 inches of heavy, wet snow.
And the skiing is pretty darn good right now, but I wish it away. I wish it gone. My cross bike is waiting for the streets to clear up a bit so I can start the road to biking recovery.

As bad as I am in the saddle right now, as bad as Im going to do at the fatbike race Saturday, as bad as I will feel Saturday afternoon, I cannot let it get me down.

Ive been out of shape before and I was always amazed on how fast it came back. I remember feeling noticeably better with every ride and I hope to feel that again.

As much as my mind has been on the store, it has started to drift toward the weekend already. Leaving Thursday about 3pm for the 6 hour drive to Cable, WI. Hanging out in the Hayward area too. Will do some skiing. Race the bike. Ski some more. Eat and drink. Live it up this weekend cuz when I get back its game on getting back to riding weight (and I use that term loosely). Even fat people have a riding weight.

On the store front, yesterday had the security guy, electrician and carpet guys here at the same time. All finished their respected jobs and do not have to return. Things are getting in order little by little, day by day. And thats a good thing. Today, I think I will stop here and coast into the weekend, picking things up when I return from the Great White North.

Thats about it for today.


Monday, March 4, 2013


Today was my first "normal" day in a long time. Coffee on the beach at 12 degrees. Very nice.
Ive had some time to slow down in the last day and a half and Im feeling much better. I got to the store early today. Walked around a little. Sat back in my chair and finished my coffee while taking nice deep breaths.

I cant wait to be able to settle back into a morning routine with this new store. While its slowed a bit there is still work to do. I have to clean out old store but I have two months to do so. Every time I come to the new store I grab a car full of stuff, mostly personal junk.

Sunday I finally rode a bike. First time in 35 days. Thats nuts. And I felt about as bad as I ever did on it. Just one hour and everything hurt. We did a mix of road and snowmobile trails on the fatbikes. Much fun.
This Thursday I leave for Hayward, WI and am doing the Fattire Birkie on Saturday. Was set to do the longer race but just downgraded to the shorter. Just 12 miles or so. Even that is going to hurt quite a bit.
Ive been in this position before. Never have I been off the bike quite this long but several times I had huge gaps that left me feeling like crap in the saddle. I just gatta start putting in hours and I'll start to feel better with every ride. Weight (which has skyrocketed) will start coming off. I can get to group riding shape by spring no problem and just need to commit the time on the bike.

Soon. Very soon.


Saturday, March 2, 2013


Its been a wild three days but we got it done. We are open in the new store. For me, this has not really set in yet.  Still busy tweaking the sales floor. Setting up computers and hanging stuff. In the last 48 hours I was here 35. Im spent.

Thanks to all who helped. You know who you are.

Its just going to be weird coming here in the morn. My morning routine will be different and it will take getting used to.

While there is still a lot to do we did pretty good with the move. The computer system was down maybe an hour. Thats incredible.

All the product is here and we are selling stuff. At the same time someone is hammering somewhere upstairs. Its a ongoing project.

When it does sink in I will look around and realize that this is such a beautiful place. Sheboygans Riverfront. I have a deck that meets the boardwalk along the river. The building is beyond anything I thought I could afford. This entire deal was a right place at the right time.

My mind is still swimming. Once this all slows down I will for sure take the time to appreciate what I have here. Cant wait for my first coffee out on the deck.

Tomorrow Im riding a bike. For real. Will talk about my first bike ride in 35 days tomorrow.