Monday, February 25, 2013


As good as it gets for classic.

Its been so long for me. Having a weekend away. I have so much to say. The past month the blog was getting a bit boring Im sure. Working 10 to 12 hours a day for 6 days a week does that to a person.
Today, I feel so much better mentally. I could post a week on what I did and saw. But I wont.

Friday we went up late afternoon pretty much right in the snow storm. Was down to 40mph on the highway sometimes. But it only took an extra 20 min to get there. I knew the weekend was going in the right direction when I found out the hotel "room" I booked was really a condo. Bedrooms upstairs with full kitchen\living room. Two and a half bathrooms. Nice. Less than a mile from the park. I love Fish Creek. Mostly cuz of the park. I would consider Peninsula Park my second H.P.  Its huge. And full of cool stuff. I try to get here at least 5 times a year.

 Its been at least three years since I skied on trails this good. Perfect, fresh snow. 30 degrees. Sun. Both Saturday and Sunday I skied without hat or gloves. It was that nice out.

Almost two hours on Saturday. About a hour Sunday. Ive been pretty stagnant for the last month so Im not sure I could have done much more than that. Im sore.

Saw this guy Saturday. This pic was with my phone. I got about 15 feet away. Saw another (or same one) flying Sunday. You dont see a Pileated too often.

Late season skiing is the best. The sun is high during the day making things warmer. More people are out. The snow may be softer but thats fine by me. Slows me down going downhill so I dont fall as much. Again, I cant remember skiing in better conditions, ever.
Now that Im home, they got a lot more snow that we did. Double. The woods was deep for the snoshoers too. People were out in the park by the numbers.

I have never skied Peninsula Park before. Just MTB'd it. The huge park has a ton of trails. Some skate too but we stuck to the classic only.

I love skiing on systems like this. Sure the big trail systems are cool. 30 yards wide, like a highway. Skaters flying past.

But to me, this is the way to CCski. Compared to those big systems, this is like single track.  Its narrow and twisty turny thu the woods. Sure there are some fun hills. But not neck breakers. When Im on a big system, a good portion of my time is either climbing or trying to slow down. Here, your just skiing. So much better.

This stuff is why I dont skate ski. I have no intentions of doing the Birkie. I just not fond of skiing a trail 30 yards wide that can accompany 100 skiers at a time. For me, its getting in the woods and seeing cool stuff. Like a cool woodpecker.

I would love to come back here soon. Like within a few days soon. 2 hour drive. I would be lucky to get any skiing in this week.

Alas this is hell week for me. And we seem to have more snow on the way so Im planning on grooming the local trails as some point this week. The store will be moved Thursday and Fri. And will be open during. But will be closing early on Friday to move the computers and such.

Tomorrow is new carpet, Wednesday is electrician. Wednesday is product moving. Friday is product, display and and phone\computer.

Its going to be one hell of a week.

Most likely will not post tomorrow. this one is late so consider this Tuesday morning. All in all this weekend did what I wanted it to do. Talk my mind somewhere else. And it sure did that. But it already seems like a million years ago.

Time to set everything up. Time to move.
And so it begins....


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Sarah Kopf said...

Good luck with the move, Dan! Given how happy you were returning, I think you'll appreciate my blog post from today. :) In the future, we need to talk CC ski. I've always wanted to try!