Monday, February 11, 2013


New store!

Awesome woods and groom! Friday morn.
I have not posted since Thursday. Pretty busy.
Here's another sneak peek at the new store. Your standing behind the million dollar cherry wood sales counter. Looking at stairwell to the second floor and the entrance.  Nice to have those things close. Easier to keep on eye on things. Just a matter of time before I try riding down the stairs. With cameras at the ready of course.

Friday morn had me out grooming the ski trails with the best snow of the year. In fact, I cant remember the snow being better or the woods prettier. When grooming I was careful not to knock and snow off the branches. The trails were in great shape. I could have laid down a double track pretty easy but I didn't. If fact, even with the near perfect snow, I groomed fairly minimally  knowing that it will only last less than two days.
And of course the weather dudes were right as it rained all afternoon  Sunday.

I did get out right after I groomed and skied Friday, then again Saturday morning and Sunday morning before the rain started. As I type, the trails are once again gone. Lost to 40 degree rain. Very disappointing. 

Ice pushed up from the river. Sunday before the rain
This was the first weekend in a pretty long time I did not ride a bike. But was glad to get the time in on my expensive ski's. While at first was was kinda weird about spending all that money on them, after some time on them Im glad I did. They really are so much faster than the stores rental ski. Like night and day. Even for a novice like me. Still classic tho.....
I also skied the other trail system in town. The park we have our yearly MTB and cross races at. Along the river huge ice chunks were pushed up along the trail. Making it ungroomable with machinery. So you had to wing it for a little while. No biggie.

Time to go do something pertaining to bike store.


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