Monday, February 4, 2013


Between the new store and the cold temps you can believe my activity has been in the crapper lately.
Last two weeks has been about two hours per. That's bad.
And I don't see it getting much better in the next month or so. I hope Im wrong.

Saturday I ditched the group ride. Along with everyone else. One rider showed, and I took him out for coffee for being such a trooper.
I do ride in the cold, but the last 7 hours of saddle time have been in the single digits and thats kinda worn me down a bit. Im getting old. Temps are on the ride tho, with 30's by the end of the week. That will be a nice break.
Sunday was our bi-weekly fatbike ride. Sadly attended by me and JohnM. It was not in the single digits (10) for temp. But it was a great ride. Sun and a little fresh snow made it that way. 
But alas, I flatted in the woods. Thats a bummer to change out a tube when its 10 degrees. I was eager to try out my 40oz "Bigair" CO2 to see if it was enough to fill a 3.8 tire. And I never got the chance as my screw on thingie was cracked and all the CO2 leaked out before I got to use it. John had a hand pump. So hand pump I did.
For about 10 minutes it seemed. I got enough air in the tire to ride so off we went. Not sure what pressure I had in the tire but it was well off the rim so thats how I rode it home.
And it was quite a death march to get back to the store. Its almost 5 miles of road. Into a stiff 10 degree wind. Mostly up hill. On a very low pressure fat tire.
I managed maybe 8 to 9 mph all the way home. And pushing hard.
Very cold. Especially after stopping to change out the tube. I suffered and just concentrated on the task at hand. Made it back to the store and was happy to do so.
The extra workout was needed. I was so sore after.

This week begins the real work in the new store. Carpenters  electricians and other high priced people in there tearing down, building up. Going to completely finish the new place before moving in. And that means moving displays and product in one day. Its going to quite the planned out event.
But thats going to be stage 5, and Im still on stage 1, so Im not even thinking that far ahead right now.
I need to finish one stage before moving to another.
All according to plan.


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