Thursday, February 14, 2013


file foto

File foto is a cold morning on the lake. Maybe two weeks ago. Right now, this morning, its 37 degrees and about to rain. Ive always been a winter kjnd of guy. Love the snow. I have always prayed for a snowy winter. After getting out three days in a row on the ski's last weekend I was just getting back my form. I was loving the new fast, expensive ski's. It was a week ago the awesome snow hit.
Today, it feels like that was months ago. A week ago tomorrow morn I groomed the park in a winter wonderland. Today, gloom and a cold rain.
So today, on Feb 14th, Valentines day, Im declaring winter over.

I am now stopping the wishing for more snow. Today I turn the corner.
I am now going to wish all the snow away. I wish for warmer weather. I wish the snow to melt. I wish the temps to moderate for some road rides. I'll take 30's and sun. For now.

I do not want to ski anymore this winter. I want to put storage wax on my ski's and put them away. (I do hope to use them up in Hayward in 3 weeks tho). Then put them away.

I want to ride bikes again. Its been over two weeks for me. I want to get back to 10 hours a week very soon. Very.

This weekend it will be colder. I'll give in to that. That's acceptable  But then that's it. Im sure it will snow again. Maybe even a lot (doubt it). But as long as the roads are open and temps are up I'll take it.
Winter retail is funny. A nice groomed snow in December and the ski's fly off the shelf. A even better snow in late Feb and no one cares.
And that's where we are today. Its over. Im moving on.
Think bikes.

You should too.



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I tried to send you this link via e-mail but it did not work. This was in the JSonline this morning. The new shop looks nice.

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