Friday, February 15, 2013


Sun! 815am

Milestone # 3  First product in store!
Well what do ya know. The sun is out.
HP visits are much better when the sun warms your face. Even if its only 14 degrees. Id rather have it 15 and sunny than 40 and gloomy.

Things are hopping at the new store. 2 carpenters and one electrician this week. This weekend is a big push. Then will keep it rolling into the week. I will be selling stuff in this place in 14 days.

And Im keeping the heat on during the next few days as I plan to actually take some time off. Heading out of town on Friday the 22nd. Returning Sunday the 24th. A much needed break away from this crazy time. Since I ditched last weeks race up in Houghton. I am counting down the days till. Destination unknown.

Tomorrow I am torn what to do. Its going to be cold and I would ride in the woods but not sure if I would ride the entire group ride along with the road. This strange winter once again has it warm and raining but it seems every Saturday morn its single digits and that is just a bummer. Its doable, Ive ridden in colder, but my tolerance for that is less with age. I might just grab the ski's (the day after I want to ditch them) and head to Greenbush. But that's a long shot. And a hours worth of driving. Im leaning to riding the fatbike and staying in the woods. Need to be back at store sooner than later anyway.

Sunday I'm riding the fatbike for sure, in the morning. Then, its a a drive to Delafield, WI and the WCA Crossrace directors meeting. That's a full day. To end a full weekend.
I'm looking forward to slowing down a little at some point. But when this stuff is all done the store picks up. And that's when I can afford to bring in some help on the sales floor.
And take a deep breath.
Have a good weekend.


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