Thursday, February 7, 2013


Little by little I can leak out a little on the new store. Your looking at the sales counter. In the back behind that is going to be the clothing area. To the right, by the vacuum, is accessories.
Both the sales counter and the wainscoting behind, and all around the store is made of cherry. When new, that counter retailed for almost 5 grand!

For real this place is nicer than my house. This is downstairs. The floorplan both up and down are the same. 2100 ft per floor. Its not going to be all sales floor.
Upstairs will be a spin studio and meeting room clubs can use for their meetings.
Also the service center will be up there too.

Have a ton of work planned this weekend. Another update maybe Monday. Right now Im waiting for the pending snow to hit. I have plans to grab the groomer and get those ski trails back in order. Its been way too long. I really need to ski more.
Cuz spring is only a month away. Maybe.
I remember a little over a week ago when it was so warm I mentioned to someone that I remember riding in colder weather in May last year. And this was late January.
So... Im pumped about the snow, but never get my hopes up too high.
Bring it.


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