Thursday, February 21, 2013


April 2009
As I said a million times in the last two days Im working on all the issues that come up in store moving. Mostly construction problems. The timing of the carpenter, plumber and electrical, painter, carpet guy.

It consumes me.

But today, as I sit back, all problems solved for now, thinking about the pending out of town weekend.

That puts my mind in neutral. Slowing it down from the 24 hour storm it has been in the last few days. Ive been taking sleeping aid pills to sleep at nite. If not I would just be staring at the ceiling, thinking about stuff.

So this morn, as my mind slows and tales a breath, I got a little sentimental. I really cant believe the store is moving. 4 years to the month in this ol' corner spot. Its just seems like  a week ago I started this deal  I am exited about the new place but sad to leave where it began.

 For the most part, Im here more than at home. And in a day over a week I will be somewhere else. Makes me realize things.
May 2009

Ive made a lot of new friends going into the bike biz. But lost a couple too. But it kinda felt like their ghosts still hung out when at this old store. Day to day I still felt their presence.  And moving will put the past behind me and it makes me a bit sad if the new store erases those memories. 

Moving on always makes you rely on your memory. And I have a ton of good memories here that I hope I can bring with me when the final truckload of product is carried into the new store on March 1st, and I turn the lights off here for that last time. The businessman in me is glad for the move. It sets up growth. Its the right thing to do. A business's window for such things are small and sometimes you have to do it when its available,  not when you want to. All these sad thoughts will be short lived. Once in the new place it will be game on and I will not have the time to look back. At least not right away.

So before that happens I just want to thank all the individuals who helped get this thing off the ground in the first place. No names. You all know who you are. I cant write enough here. I planned on this being two posts but when its in my head I gatta type the words.

If these people did not do what they did back then I would not be able to do what I do today.
Thank you.
I hope your ghosts follow me to the new store.

I have a ton of people to thank pertaining to the new store. That's another post.

Moving on......


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