Saturday, February 16, 2013


Neil putting up my new office wall.
A rare Saturday post. I got up, spent the 40 minutes to get dressed to ride, drove to the store, saw it was 3 degrees and took it all off. I sure am getting weaker in my old age. Three riders did show. They laid down a 30 minute ride and called it quits, with two stopping at new store to check things out.

 The Saturday group ride is taking a huge hit this winter. It used to go on regardless. Religiously. There were winters I did not miss a one.

The weather has been brutal. Sure, there were cold days in the past. But its been consistently single digits almost every Saturday morn. 30's during the week, brutally cold at ride time. Today it was 3. On Tuesday its going to be 40 and rain. This has been for sure a very strange winter.

I like the winter rides way better than summer. I suffer less. No hills to climb. riding the frozen beach of Lake Michigan. Most of the time Im on a cross bike, so when we hit the road its easier to hang on for me. There was a time in my life I looked forward to Saturday morn every week. Sometimes that ride was the center of my social life. Soon the temps will moderate and the riders will come back, me included. I hope so. I was doing pretty good in January averaging almost 10 hours per week. Now, Its been 3 weeks since I rode a bike. Thinking as far back as I can. I don't remember ever going 3 weeks besides 2010 when I got hit by a car.

With the store taking up my time I guess I expected a little time away form the bike. Its just a bummer when I do keep a small window to ride a bit and the temps plunge. Its just bad luck I guess.

Tomorrow I will have the chance to try again. As I mentioned yesterday, I plan on riding the fatbike a bit in the morning. Temps should climb a little. But its all woods so its easier to stay warm, then after a couple hours its off to a WCA directors meeting to set up my cross race.

So today was a bust. Heres to slightly warmer temps.


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