Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Shit's getting real.

First off, today's visit to my Happy Place was very nice. Sunny and 22 degrees. Its been a long time since that has happened.
With the more moderate temps the park is just more alive.
Most critters are out and about as the pic to the left shows. This little dude left tracks just about everywhere. Sure was on a mission to do something....

I had plans to head to Houghton to do the bike race. I made hotel reservations. This morn, I called to cancel. But Im not too bummed.

Its not that I cant go, its just I shouldn't.

The store's buildout is falling a little bit behind and, to my delite, some snow is coming tonite. So I decided to stick around this weekend. If we get the snow they are talking about that should be enough to groom the local park. And then the ski rentals will be game on. Ski sales too.
So I chose not to go this weekend even tho I need a few day away very badly.
I promised myself to take the very next chance that comes along, and I will. Maybe in a few weeks.
As far as the new store, we are coming close to the end of tear down. By Monday, the beginning of build up will start. By the end of the week it finish work.
During finish work is when I take out all the displays off the walls and such in the old store and  install in new store. That will start maybe the 18th. By the 21st I will start moving product. 
Fully operational on Saturday, the 23rd.
Pretty ambitious of me.
I usually think big.


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