Monday, February 18, 2013


She's a biggin'

Man, what a crappy weekend. 
Big plans laid to waste. No riding. No skiing. Nothing.
I was absolutely positive I was riding the fatbike Sunday morn. Then found out was going to be single digits again. So then I loaded the car with skinny skis and was sure I was going skiing. The morn comes and go's and I just did not have the motivation to head out at 6 degrees. By the way, today, this morning, its 37 degrees. Thought of riding this morn but just no time on Mondays. Hope the temps stay normal.

walk right in!

Yesterday I had to attend the WCA cross directors meeting in Delefield. I left early and after a stop at Trader Joes headed to the Milwaukee port to see who was there. Three big ships. 
Unlike my visit to Sturgeon Bay a few weeks ago you can drive right up to these guys. Heck, if I had the nerve I could of walked right up the stairs and into one.

Again, very cool to see them here after watching them float past town a few times...

As far as the WCA meeting, things were discussed. And only two out of 10 there did all the talking but its still good to stay in the loop.

I now have three races to do in 2013\14. Cross race on Sept 7th, WORS race on Oct 6th, and a Fatbike winter race in Feb of 14.
Thats a busy summer of directing.

I'll need help.


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