Wednesday, February 13, 2013


First batch of bikes.

This dude was hungry.
Another milestone. The first of many shipments to the new store.

But first I had a pretty good view of this Coopers hawk nailing a pigeon in mid air. I saw him hit and wrestle his prey to the ground. He then tried to pick it up and fly and did get about 30 yards before he dropped it. This is maybe a block from the new store. Cool stuff.

So everyday when I roll to the new store it will be with a bunch of stuff. Things are being boxed but left on the floor if needed. Crazy as it sounds, bike traffic is started up. Several people shopping bikes, and maybe 4 or 5 tune ups in just this week. I was hoping to move before this started. So I gotta keep pushing it here. No slowing down. Too slow and I might end up like the pigeon.

That would suck.


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rlove2bike said... that you get to see nature at work. Great picture!