Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Dont have a pic from this morn. So its a file foto on the new store as looking from across the river. Complete with fishing boat. The boat is not part of the deal. Although commercial fishing would not be a bad thing to do when sales are slow.
If I did have a boat it would need to much faster than that one.
Issues at store are consuming me right now. Flooring issues. Electric issues.
And, to change things up, Im going to complain about the weather.
What the hell. If its not 40 and rain its single digits. How many times have I said that in the last three weeks. Its 6 today. Remember Monday was 45 and rain.
Ive always complained about things I cannot change and the weather is one of the things that affect the store greatly. Bothers me to no end.

But then after someone slaps me I regain composure and keep on truckin'.

I want to think about this weekend but I cannot. Not just yet. Soon.


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