Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A spot of winter blew thru last nite. Yesterday it hit 40+ degrees and was raining when I hit the sheets. This morning is another day if ice. This is about the third time in the last two months that it rained, then froze. Huge ponds of water and ice everywhere.

Today my mind is pulled in two directions. 
One is the store(of course). Things are ramping up this week. All major projects need to be done by Friday. Next Monday its maybe some finish work and carpet. Then, its haul stuff in. I think we are still on schedule for March 2nd. I have what I think is a two day buffer built in for issues. I for sure will have to open with temp signage on the building. I'll get a big banner made until the permanent sign is done. In the back of my mind I know things are in order. But the back of my head is not talking to the rest of my head. So Im still pretty stressed out. Which leads me to my second direction.

I was waiting to see if I could cover the store this weekend, and it seems it is covered. So come Friday afternoon I am out for some R and R.
Heading up to Door County and Washington Island.
Looking for some hiking, skiing and dining. Its a good feeling to actually confirm this as Ive been close before and had to bail (Houghton a few weeks ago).

So its going to be nice to leave and forget as much as I can. And getting the major projects at the store done by Friday will do that. We are staying Friday nite in Fish Creek and Saturday nite on the Island. I cant wait. Im already daydreamimg a bit and its only Tuesday.
I understand we might get some more winter weather Thursday. Perfect timing. A fresh snow cover would be cool up there.

Id better stop thinking about it and get to work.


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Sarah Kopf said...

I'm happy you're able to get away! Such a great way to recharge the batteries. Sure am sick of this tempermental winter...

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