Tuesday, February 12, 2013


There are times in my life when I bite off a little more than I can chew. Im not saying that its happening today, but when I get in this mode Im blinded. Some things just take awhile to build up and when it hits you its too late, your committed win or lose.

Along with the new store issues, Im working on a racing team this summer. Both need a ton of pre planning. Both are happening at the same time. So its a bit of work\thought\planning\executing right now.

Then throw in that I have not taken a day off since the middle of last Sept when I raced Chuammy. You can include most Sundays in that too. Add that up and I am getting a bit burned out. Maybe Im getting smarter as I get older cuz I can recognise it sooner. And thats a good thing I guess. But that does not change the task at hand.

So.... I need to remember I do have a weekend away planed in a month. Heading to Telemark in Cable,Wi to do the Fatbike Birkie. But already Im stressed out over the fact that I will only be in my new store a week when I leave it for two days. Will have to work on minimizing that.

Also, I am trying to make up for last week's fail to leave town. Im glad I stayed with the snow, but that does not change the "wanna get away" feeling I still have. So... Im working on a quickie weekend thing up to Marquette,MI for some Fatbiking. Most likely will not happen but maybe. Just maybe.

That aside, it seems this is going to be a pretty busy summer for me, good or bad. In four to five weeks(when I get home from Cable) the store should be busy enough to bring back hired help. I can take some time off even if its a few hours in the morn to get in my LRW's again (Long Ride Wednesdays). Just those few hours make a huge difference in my stress levels.

So... I will continue to push hard. These days Im home pretty much only to sleep. 12-13 hours days in store. Once Im in and settled at the new place, then take that weekend up north should be the turning point Im looking for. And Im pretty sure I can make it that long no problem. 

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