Thursday, January 24, 2013


When you are standing on the beaches of Lake Michigan wearing shorts. At 2 degrees above. When its really cold the lake gives off steam. But also forms this cloud line thingie right down the middle of it. Its that all steam? I dont think so.
I believe that is what we call lake snow. Only on the other side in MI. It needs to swing this way for sure.

The weather here, as stated yesterday, is not very popular right now. Last Saturday it was near 50, only to plunge into the negative  and now 50's are forecasted again for after the weekend. Its just so frustrating.

I did get a little pickmeup this morn as I watched a eagle fly by. That always means its going to be a good day in some way. I'll stay positive.

Im planning a bike ride in the morn. Temps will be up a bit and I'll take the 9zero7 out on the beach and woods. That will be nice I think.

Other than that its biz as usual. I do have one thing on my mind.

As a warm up for my Fat tire Birkie race Im thinking of heading up to Houghton for this one on Feb 9th. This type of race is really taking off. Its not like local series racing around in some park. These are on some of the best ski trails in this part of the country  Just like the Birkie race in March, they will shut down the trail just for the race, then groom behind us. It looks like a very good way to race a fatbike. Smooth and fast with tons of hills. 
This weekend there is another in Marquette than runs along some of the Ore 2 Shore course that we race on in summer.
One could put together a winter triple crown very easily.
And these races are easy for me to hit as a slower store is easy to leave. And at this time of year Im looking to get away a bit. So I have this genre of bike race in my sights in the upcoming years. It will only get bigger.
Bring it on.


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Sarah Kopf said...

Those are such great photos! I, someday, will live lakeside. I crave the water. Neshotah Beach is one of my favorite places in the world... Especially in the deep fall or early spring when nobody is around. It's PERFECT.