Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So here is my backyard this morn. Pretty much a pond. Soon to be a frozen pond as temps will fall all day to the single digits tonite.
Its been such a weird winter. Huge temp swings.
Apparently, its going to change to snow soon and dump maybe 5 inches.

I'll get pics of the new store up soon. Things are just moving so fast now. In a perfect world I want to be in there in 3 weeks. But its more likely a month. I already have a crew in there working in the new store while I hold down the old one. Lots to do.

Again, I'll be preoccupied the next few weeks so posting might be a bit slower. With the new snow, maybe some skiing this weekend. Will see.

In the retail biz, you always are thinking ahead. Im already planning my spring stuff. Bike orders, sale dates and the such. With this crappy winter Im happy to do so. Really, in 4 weeks is the beginning of March and I will wish winter away. I think the second year I was open I had my spring bike sale the second week of April and it snowed.
Im planning my demo bikes also. Thats always a good time. Like a kid in a candy store I guess. As usual, Im going with a Domane for road and a Superfly for not road.
Doing this as I watch it snow like crazy outside. 
Im afraid to say bring it, cuz it might stop then.


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Sarah Kopf said...

That's quite the pond! And you didn't even have to hire a backhoe! :)


P.S. Where will the new store be?