Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I guess I'll go back to complaining. This next stretch of time is going to be a real bummer. The store has slowed to beyond hibernation. Maybe it just feels that way since it was such a good December. A good Christmas sell, backed up by snow to push ski sales and rentals. Things were rockin' all month.
Then, when I thought enough snow fell to hold a base on the trails till spring, I ordered a ton more ski and winter stuff. Two days later everything melted. Base is gone. Ski stuff grinds to a halt. Things get too quiet.
Now, on top of that it below zero. Frigid temps with bare ground is a double whammy.
The the worst of both worlds. To cold to do anything. No snow to do anything.
What the hell happened to winter here?

Ive mentioned this before but I study several weather websites including the National Weather Service. I look at several 30 day outlooks. I try to base my inventory on that info. Even tho it was below zero last nite, I see rain on Sunday\Monday. Thats just nuts. Things like that, that are out of my control, drive me crazy. Its one of the downsides to a bike\ski store. You can do everything right, by the books, and fall short.

And its around this time of year (late Jan\early Feb) that the lack of sunlite hits me and I just need to get away a bit. I think they should move Interbike to February.

So there it is. Some bitching. Now things are back to normal. Temps in the 20's on Saturday and Im already looking forward to the ride then. Ive only been on a bike twice in 14 days. Definitely a product of the weather and time of year.
Even my ship spotting deal is on hold as the shipping season has closed on the lake for a some time. So I cant even do that.

Spin bike still in basement. But I look at it every time I walk past it. I think it laughing at me.
Its like it knows.......


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