Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Headed to the great white north,eh?
Today's pic is again from my phone. No filters. No special effects. That is what it looked like.
Also, it was\is a banner day for ship spotting. I saw two within ten minutes. With a third not that far away.
Today's ship is the Algosteel. Its really the first I identified as Canadian. She's headed for Goderich, Ontario. So she will turn right into Huron, instead of left into Superior.  For the most part, the same 10 or so ships go back and forth in Michigan. Mostly up and across Superior. Some ships I can ID just by sight. But its a first for me to ID a ship from Canada, although Im sure that happens all the time.

Yesterday I installed the carbon fork on my fatbike and was planning a ride this morn but just did not summon the motivation needed to do so. And it was pretty warm out at 22 degrees. This time of year is a tough one for me. Lack of sunlite and cold temps. Add those two with lack of snow and its tough sledding the next two months. Pun intended.

As one gets older one's resilience to winter is less. I like winter. When the snow is good, skiing on a sunny cold day on awesome trails make winter in Wisco worth it.
I still have hope for this year. But as I look at several 30 day forecasts I cant help to think that its only about 8 more weeks. And no snow in sight. Very sad. Even in northern Wisco. Trails systems up north are either in sad shape or closed. One would need to go all the way up to Lake Superior to see good snow right now. Im complaining. I'll stop.

I didn't get to my tour bike yesterday. Im on that today.



Greg Earle said...

The Big ships are cool to see up in Sturgeon Bay when their in for the winter service But with the weather we have had they have been staying out longer and there was only 2 or 3 in last week when I was in town.

Dan Dittrich said...

I need to get up there. When the ships are out of service the gps is turned off and I never know which ship is there......