Thursday, January 17, 2013


I rarely get second chances at anything. But I got one today. A second chance at a foto I screwed up a few days ago. And this one was with a real camera. If you scroll down and look, I was within inches of the first pic. Not bad going just on memory.  At 15 degrees the beach is not that cold when the sun is out. Im out there wearing shorts.
 Ive been wearing shorts 365 for about 10 years now. I do own one pair of jeans. They are about 15 years old now.
I estimate I wear them twice a year, when all my shorts are in the wash.

While I have not been talking much about it I am still working on moving the store. I have narrowed it down to one possible location and have gave them my final offer.
They have a week to decide. After that, it would be tough for me to move so late in spring needing a month for build out.
So now I just wait.
And try not to think about it so I can sleep at nite.

Of late, my thoughts, like always at this time of year, turn to maybe a long weekend in a warm climate. Or.... a colder one with snow. This year is no exception.
I really need to get away. Either north to ski or south to ride. I'll put some more thought in that and see what I can do.

Tonite is the Lance\Oprah thing. Im pretty well past that shit. I'll watch it. But really wont expect much. Except Oprahs ratings will go thru the roof and thats what its about anyway. If there is one thing Lance can do its make him and other people money.

Sub zero temps coming in a few days. This is also the time of year that my activity hits a all time low. The next four weeks is going to be tough.
I almost hate to type this, but I have a spin bike that I pull out in times of need. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
As much as I try not to, Im looking past winter already. Sad.


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