Monday, January 28, 2013



As I followed all the big ships I learned some of them winter in Sturgeon Bay, about an hour and a half drive from my house. So yesterday (Sunday) I had time to take a drive over to see whats there. There were 9 ships total, with 5 being pretty big, and 3 of them I have seen sailing past my Happy Place in the mornings. This one, the Wilfred Sykes, the Calumet and one that I saw to start this hobby off, the Oberstar.

The ship that started it all. Getting some  R&R.
The James Oberstar was the ship I saw crazy close to the shore while on a winter beach ride. After I posted about it a buddy sent me the link to the site that lets you track the ships. So I watched this guy from Indiana to Duluth and back again.
And now it sits here, frozen and getting some work done.

There was a few ships in a slip getting worked on. Those you could not see very well.
But there were several very large ships that seemed to not even fit in a slip.

Its a biggen....
The Paul R Tregurtha is flippin huge. It did not fit in any dock so it sits outside. I have never seen this one in open water.

I had to go to the other side of the bay to get this pic. You really cant get that close to them.

So I guess its just hanging out here for awhile. Until the winter (what winter?) breaks. There are no more ships out on the lake anymore.

Saturday had a bike ride in the morn. All week I was looking at the weather (as I usually do) and it was calling for near 30 degrees that day. So I never paid any more attention to the specifics. At home Saturday morn I dressed for a warmer group ride. I get to the store at 730am and cant help to notice that its 5 degrees. Epic clothing fail.
All my cold stuff is home.
So I beg and borrow from others that arrive at the store and scored a balaclava. I didnt even have my ears covered with what I had.  I also went with one less layer on top and that hurt me. I did manage a 2 hour ride with some woods and beach. I rode the 9zero7 so I opted not to road ride to the restaurant and just flipped and headed back.
So let me get this straight  Saturday morn it was 5 degrees. Monday into Tuesday its 47 and rain, then Wednesday nite back to 3 degrees.
While Im sick of this weather I just gatta stop complaining about it.
Or it will consume me.
The spin bike comes up from the basement today.
And Im getting closer to using it.


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