Wednesday, January 2, 2013



If I had a better camera this pic of the US Wilfred Sykes would have been epic. In the fog of Lake Michigan makes it look like some kind of ghost ship. The shipping season on the lake will end soon. Pending if winter will stay.
Yesterday I had my first ski in two years and it went as such, Almost an hour was good enough for me. At least for the first time. Soon my high end ski's will arrive and with that I hope to get more motivation to do so. Im not worried.
Yesterday I was just too busy to post. In fact I am doing this from home, something I almost never do. Yesterday was not Long Ride Wednesday. I decided to re groom the park. Since I groomed on Saturday the trail took quite a beating. And since I had help in the store I could take my time and do a better job.
So thats what I did.
Soon, I hope to re start my activity schedule and ride\ski more. I ended the Holiday season a few pounds up but Im not discouraged. Ive been on the weight watchers program since Nov 1st and did well the first month but not so good in December.
Looking forward to getting back in the groove.
Today I meet with a potential new space for the store. This one is looking good.
Could have the lease signed by the end of the week.
Exciting stuff.


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