Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Look long. Its getting deleted. 845am
I get a lot of complements on my pics. Mostly taken with my phone. Ive got so many pics on my Google+ account I had to buy extra storage.

Today I got down to the HP and saw the makings of today's pic and took just one, then moved on to just hanging out. Sometimes I spend some time looking for the pic of the day. Today I was happy to spend about 20 seconds. And it showed. 

Then, when I got to the store I saw that, yup, thats my finger there on top. But take away that and its a pretty cool pic of the sun bouncing off the lake and icy beach. Oh well. Im human.

Now, I could crop that out on Picasa, but I wont. I'll delete it completely thinking I had one shot at this and blew it. I really should start using a real camera. But I wont.

Today is surprisingly going to be a busy day at the store. Not sales. Mostly my stuff. Mr UPS will be dropping off my carbon fatbike fork from Carver. And thus dropping one more pound from the bike.
Im putting my Disk Trucker back into tour mode. Bolting back on all racks and bags.
Im thinking of a winter hotel tour(maybe).
If the temps warm up Im thinking instead of complaining about it maybe taking full advantage and doing a four day tour north. Hotel only. Replacing the tent and all camping stuff with more and warmer clothing. Credit card in hand. Right now its a thought but I want the bike ready to go at a moments notice.
I'll ride my cross bike the rest of the winter. Fatbike too of course.
And thats all for today.


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