Friday, January 4, 2013


Today I spent some time in my Happy Place checking up on my grooming. Wednesdays groom still looks good but we really need more snow to improve it. The good spots got better and the lean areas got worse.
This pic is from a good spot. 

As I always do, I have big plans this weekend. I hope to get back on the bike with the Saturday group ride. Not sure if the beach is ride able but woods is out for normal MTB's.
I guess I would not mind a road ride as long as I get some time in the saddle. Most likely ride the Surly Disc Trucker. Sunday morn I plan on trying out my new carbon classic ski's. That should be a sight to see. Its funny enough to watch me wipe out on a rental set, let alone a $500 set of carbon racing ski's. I might just sell them before I ruin them....

Then after that is our bi weekly fatbike ride Sunday at 11am. I'll ditch the ski's and grab the 9zero7 to spend some quality time in the woods and beach. The fat tires allowing us to do both with no problem unlike the day before.....

I always get a little optimistic with my weekend schedule. Bring it.


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