Friday, January 25, 2013


It snowed last nite. Couple inches. We do have one ski trail system still skiable and I hope this helps.

This weekend is the ski\fatbike races in Marquette and I almost got to go. Almost doesn't count.

But its going to be a full weekend anyway. Ride in the morn, work a few hours. 
Sunday is open in the morn but later I do plan on driving up to Sturgeon Bay to look at all the big ships that are in dock. Not sure how close I can get to them but I'll see I guess. Again, some of the ships there (not sure how many) are the very same I watched sailing past my Happy Place.

The temps are back to normal. like, 20 degrees right now. Moderate temps will bring out the people this weekend I think. Having been inside since Monday with the negative temps. Tomorrow should be a good day to ski and pretty sure the group ride will be down in numbers with most flocking to Greenbush to do so.

Tomorrow's ride might be a weird ride for me. If the roads are snowy\wet\slushy Im going to ride the fatbike. And that means I will struggle. Even on a good day it tough to keep up. If its not a complete beach ride there is miles of road involved. And I just might get dropped then. Maybe sooner.
But I have the Disc Trucker all turned back into a tour bike so that guy is done till summer.
I do have the disc cross bike to ride and still might do so. But not if its so wet. And if the beach starts to soften up Im screwed with the skinny tires.
I guess I'll prep both and decide in the morn what weapon to use. The Fatbike is already prepped for me to ride this morn but I didn't go. Too many errands to run.

So have a great weekend. Get outside and take advantage of the snow. Again, come Tuesday, it might be gone.


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Greg Earle said...

You can get about 100 yards from big ships in Sturgeon Bay in the shipyard. But if you go to the far North end there is a park where you can see them better. I'm not sure how many are there, only 2 or 3 a couple weeks ago.

Take your fatbike and go check out around Jacksonport or Bailey's Harbor North for some lakeshore riding. I bet it would be great up there.