Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cold  945am
Sure, today I just could post a pic showing how cold it is, then complain about it but Im not. Most of the time my posts are pretty lame. The last ride I took. The weather. Stupid stuff. So today I just feel like typing. And doing something different so today Im shaking it up by leaving the text left to right instead of centering. And I'll post some personal stuff. Something I almost never do. There are some weirdo's out there that read this blog a lot. And they think they know me. I say no way. I only tell you what I want you to know. So......

  • DRIVING: I love to drive. A car. A truck. A bulldozer. Whatever. If it moves I want to drive it. Every morn I put on about 25 miles on my car before the store opens. Coffee in hand. iPod blasting. Its very calming to me. I can think clear. On longer drives my wife complains that I never talk. Thats cuz most of the time Im someplace else. I get the same feeling as on a solo bike ride. Someday I would just love to hop in my car and drive to the west coast. To me, its just like bike touring only you cover more ground. Which explains why I love bike touring. Its all good fun.
  • SHIP SPOTTING: My new hobby. In the fall\winter the big ships run closer to the shore. So I'll see one (or some days two) and look at THIS SITE to ID them. See where there going, where they have been. Maybe its cuz I was in the transportation biz in one of my prior lives. But its fun to keep track of them. This Sunday, Im headed to Sturgeon Bay, WI for a sight seeing trip. Big shipyards there. This time of year the big ships pull over there for a tune up. Will check them out close up. It all started THIS DAY. And that same ship is in port there right now. Gonna check it out.
  • LANCE: I complain about all the Lance related stuff. Hundreds of opinions. Good and bad. This go's to show that nobody really knows what go's on in cycling. But I do have a few thoughts and I'll make each brief  1) There is also huge doping in other sports, not just cycling. Cycling is the highest tested sport today. 2) I dont blame Lance for doping. Or even for lying about it. He was just covering his, and the other riders ass's. I do blame him, for being a arrogant jackass tho. 3) To get past this, he needs to go away. Bet we all know the book and movie deal is pending. The new road season is starting. Im over it and looking forward.
  • BIKE STORE: being 52 years old and only in this full time for two year with the store being almost 4, Im still relatively new to this. There are some 30 year old store owners that know more than me. But Im having fun with it. Im still learning, still make mistakes. Mostly in accounts payable and inventory. Some of that is just a guessing game anyway. Im making a lot less money than I was in the transportation industry. But love the lifestyle. I get to help people ride bikes. Very cool. While all things change with time, today, I dont see me doing this more than 5 more years. I'll be 57, closing in on 60 years then and would love to move on at least one more time in my life. Im on my third career here. I might shoot for four..... But for now Im pumped to be able to ride bikes that cost 10k and will stick around.
  • FAMILY: I never talk about family. Never. Some things you just need to keep personal. But here's a quickie. Been married 33 years with way more good years than bad. And I think thats all someone can ask for. Three girls with the youngest in collage. I will have a fourth grandchild in about 10 more days. So things going good here. Surely cant complain.
So thats a lot to read. The cold weather has me thinking of putting some time on my spin bike. And my next post just might be about that. Cold weather has the store pretty quiet. Maybe I'll just keep typing....


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