Monday, January 21, 2013



Cold mornings make me get up late. Bed just too warm to get out of. But I do. Against my better judgement.
Negative 3 this morn as the lake was steaming. Despite what some may call too cold to go out, my routine does not change. But my outside time is just a little shorter, but not by much. No ships today.

Saturday had me at the Madison bike swap. It was the first time I ever was there and had a good time. Sold a bike and a bunch of stuff I didn't want laying around anymore. Went home with about half that I took. This will be an annual thing for me I guess.

Sunday had us out on the Fatbikes. It was cold. Single digits. But we all dressed correctly as there was not a cold rider in the bunch. We once again put in about 15 miles on the snowmobile trails. As you see in the pic, when at spots that the sun hits the snow is almost gone but in the woods it was still around. And some ice too. And just like last week, the way too long climbs rewarded us with crazy, icy, twisty downhills.
It was a great two hour ride. While driving out there, I was pretty sure I was going to be the only one, and was pleasantly surprised to see the other guys.
This was the first activity for me since last Sunday. And with the sub zero temps here till Thursday makes for minimal exercise. That's taking a huge hit on the weight loss as I just do not compensate for lesser activity. I pretty much have one diet, and if Im not moving a lot I gain. I need to ride 10 hours a week to lose weight.
The spin bike in the stores basement is calling....
Im ignoring it. For now.


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Anonymous said...

Seems that spin bike has been collecting dust for a long time now. What do you want for it? I know someone that will put it to good use.