Friday, January 18, 2013


820am dusting of snow

Little bit of snow today.Maybe if I keep up this "screw winter" attitude it might just come back. Looking ahead, ride time will be minimal in the next week or so. Tomorrow Im heading to a large bike swap in Madison. Gonna try and sell some stuff I dont want anymore. So thats going to take my day. Then Sunday we have a fatbike ride planned back at Greenebush. But the temps will be brutal. Maybe single digits.

I see these guys 8 out of 10 visits to the park. Its two yearlings with their mom. Ive watched them since they were days old. Almost like an extended family. I'd like to think they recognise me, but thats me just thinking weird.
Once the weekend blows thru temps will be single digits during the day and below zero at nite. That will put a halt to outdoor activities  Such crazy weather. 6 days ago it was 51 degrees and raining. A drop in daytime highs of almost 50 degrees. Crazy.
Im going to keep this short today. Pretty busy day. any thoughts on Lance you ask? Nope. None. He only came clean on the obvious. I think the conversation was pretty weak.
Have a great weekend. Get outside before the temps plummet.

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rlove2bike said...

I watch very very little TV. In fact I get teased by my family for watching the Tour de France. I had never watched Oprah, but I tuned in last night...and just like you said, kind of what I expected. I bought and read all of his books in which IMO he used an avenue to profess his innocence...sucker me. I bet you couldn't get .05¢ for them at the bike swap.

Good luck at the swap and stay warm.

Thanks for posting,