Monday, January 14, 2013


Old school.

Today is one of those days where either nothing has happened to me to write about, or so much has happened Im not sure what to say.
The weekend was full of bike riding. Go figure.
Sunday on the snowmobile trails.

Saturday it was a crazy 51 degrees at ride time (8am). The sun came out a few times also. Mixed feeling about that.

The skier and businessman in me is upset. Rentals and winter sales screech to a halt, putting the store in hibernation.

The bike rider in me gets pumped. So pumped that I passed on breakfast on the ride Saturday and just kept going getting in 50 miles. Its been a long time since I rode 50 miles. Like last October. I was tired and sore. And I liked it.

Sunday had us grabbing the fatbikes for some riding in Greenbush. From 51 degrees to about 18.  We hit up the hiking trails knowing the drastic drop in temp would have the trails easy to stay on top of but the few who walked it the day before left such huge prints in the now froze snow and it was just too rough to ride.
So we hit the snowmobile trails and had a blast. Huge downhills in the northern kettle area had us blasting 30mph and braking hard on icy\snowy conditions. I almost missed the trail at 20mph and that would have left a mark. I pulled it together at the last second, narrowly missing a metal trail sign. I slowed down after that.
But not by much.
So then continues the internal struggle inside me. Whats good for biking now is bad for skiing. And the other way round. I guess I will lean toward the season and take more snow. I like winter and its such a short window.
And I just restocked winter stuff. 
So lets hear it for winter!
Bring it on(more).


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