Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another active day yesterday had me not posting while heading to the Greenbush trail system to really test out my million dollar ski's. The other day when I skied it was at a pretty flat and worn out park. I put a scratch in one. Having such high end ski's have me thinking about that stuff now. I don't really like having to worry bout that but whatever.

So yesterday on the "real" ski trails was the test. I started out pretty rough. Several huge downhills had me bailing out on the bottom. Once pretty hard into the woods. Those ski's are fast!

As hard as I tried to "snoplow" I just could not scrub off enough speed to make the turns on the bottom. The first lap around was a struggle. The second was not so bad. And by the time I hit the third lap I improved and did not fall at all. Was pretty happy bout that.
Anyway, its all going to be a memory as 50 degree rain is here for two days. The two local trail systems in town will not survive. Hopefully Greenbush will. I will hope for the best. I was just getting all pumped up about skiing.

So thats two active days in a row for me. I would have made it three this morn but I met with my possible new landlord today. I will have a lease to read over by the 15th and will need to make a decision at that time. Sleepless nights.

This is the time in the bike industry to clean,paint or just do the stuff you dont have time to do in the summer. But until I know whats happening with the new spot thats all on hold. So the days are going to be kinda long until then. And then, may get even longer if Im moving.


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