Tuesday, January 8, 2013



And you are looking at the US John J Boland. heading for the Indiana port. The pic above is from downtown, with our lighthouse for size reference. The pic to the left is from my Happy Place about 20 min later.
Good stuff.

Last weekend was quite the busy one for me. Did the group ride on Saturday however it was a weird one. Some wanted to hit the woods (too deep for some), some wanted to stay on road (to boring for some) and the rest tried the beach. I was a beach trier but with the Disc Trucker it was just too rough and I walked off after a few miles with a couple more riders, having some riders stay on the beach. So we were scattered everywhere. In the long run, most did meet up at the restaurant but I did not think that was going to happen so I just turned around at one point and headed back.
Sunday had me out on my million dollar classic ski's for the first time and I was fearing the worse thinking there was no way I could control those bad boys.
But it went well. They for sure had a ton of glide going on and I didn't fall once.
I might keep them for awhile.....
Off with the ski boots and on with the riding boots. Two hours in the woods and beach with the fatbike crew. Riding the fat tires is fun all the time, but is way more fun when your riding where your normal bike cant. The trails in the woods was a blast. Hikers had it packed just enough to ride on easily. At times the sun came out and made the woods riding almost a religious experience. Hope to have more of that this winter. Bring it.

But alas the temps are on the rise with 40's the next 4 or 5 days. The local ski systems will fail. And once again the wait for more snow will begin again.
Our main system, Greenbush, just might survive if the rain stays away. Fingers crossed.

As I mentioned, the weight loss has been on hold due to the holidays. But now its game on again and that means getting back in the activity during the week. This morn, its two hours on the bike. Tomorrow I am looking for two hours on the ski's before the snow is gone. Then will concentrate on the bike with the springlike weather the rest of the week.
Will try to ride\ski 10 hours in the next 7 days.


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