Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So here is my backyard this morn. Pretty much a pond. Soon to be a frozen pond as temps will fall all day to the single digits tonite.
Its been such a weird winter. Huge temp swings.
Apparently, its going to change to snow soon and dump maybe 5 inches.

I'll get pics of the new store up soon. Things are just moving so fast now. In a perfect world I want to be in there in 3 weeks. But its more likely a month. I already have a crew in there working in the new store while I hold down the old one. Lots to do.

Again, I'll be preoccupied the next few weeks so posting might be a bit slower. With the new snow, maybe some skiing this weekend. Will see.

In the retail biz, you always are thinking ahead. Im already planning my spring stuff. Bike orders, sale dates and the such. With this crappy winter Im happy to do so. Really, in 4 weeks is the beginning of March and I will wish winter away. I think the second year I was open I had my spring bike sale the second week of April and it snowed.
Im planning my demo bikes also. Thats always a good time. Like a kid in a candy store I guess. As usual, Im going with a Domane for road and a Superfly for not road.
Doing this as I watch it snow like crazy outside. 
Im afraid to say bring it, cuz it might stop then.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Not good. 845am

How can I not complain?  This is wrong in so many ways.
Im not going to post on the crappy weather.

Well, that's because I have bigger fish to fry. This morn I signed a lease to move the store to a bigger, better location.  I guess its official and the ink has yet to dry on the paperwork. Change of address is a pain.
Ive got to cut this post short. My head is swimming.

As so it begins. I want to be in that location in 3 weeks.
That means this will consume me.
14 hour days.
Not knowing what day it is.
I will miss my family.
A hope like hell it was worth it.
Pics pending


Monday, January 28, 2013



As I followed all the big ships I learned some of them winter in Sturgeon Bay, about an hour and a half drive from my house. So yesterday (Sunday) I had time to take a drive over to see whats there. There were 9 ships total, with 5 being pretty big, and 3 of them I have seen sailing past my Happy Place in the mornings. This one, the Wilfred Sykes, the Calumet and one that I saw to start this hobby off, the Oberstar.

The ship that started it all. Getting some  R&R.
The James Oberstar was the ship I saw crazy close to the shore while on a winter beach ride. After I posted about it a buddy sent me the link to the site that lets you track the ships. So I watched this guy from Indiana to Duluth and back again.
And now it sits here, frozen and getting some work done.

There was a few ships in a slip getting worked on. Those you could not see very well.
But there were several very large ships that seemed to not even fit in a slip.

Its a biggen....
The Paul R Tregurtha is flippin huge. It did not fit in any dock so it sits outside. I have never seen this one in open water.

I had to go to the other side of the bay to get this pic. You really cant get that close to them.

So I guess its just hanging out here for awhile. Until the winter (what winter?) breaks. There are no more ships out on the lake anymore.

Saturday had a bike ride in the morn. All week I was looking at the weather (as I usually do) and it was calling for near 30 degrees that day. So I never paid any more attention to the specifics. At home Saturday morn I dressed for a warmer group ride. I get to the store at 730am and cant help to notice that its 5 degrees. Epic clothing fail.
All my cold stuff is home.
So I beg and borrow from others that arrive at the store and scored a balaclava. I didnt even have my ears covered with what I had.  I also went with one less layer on top and that hurt me. I did manage a 2 hour ride with some woods and beach. I rode the 9zero7 so I opted not to road ride to the restaurant and just flipped and headed back.
So let me get this straight  Saturday morn it was 5 degrees. Monday into Tuesday its 47 and rain, then Wednesday nite back to 3 degrees.
While Im sick of this weather I just gatta stop complaining about it.
Or it will consume me.
The spin bike comes up from the basement today.
And Im getting closer to using it.


Friday, January 25, 2013


It snowed last nite. Couple inches. We do have one ski trail system still skiable and I hope this helps.

This weekend is the ski\fatbike races in Marquette and I almost got to go. Almost doesn't count.

But its going to be a full weekend anyway. Ride in the morn, work a few hours. 
Sunday is open in the morn but later I do plan on driving up to Sturgeon Bay to look at all the big ships that are in dock. Not sure how close I can get to them but I'll see I guess. Again, some of the ships there (not sure how many) are the very same I watched sailing past my Happy Place.

The temps are back to normal. like, 20 degrees right now. Moderate temps will bring out the people this weekend I think. Having been inside since Monday with the negative temps. Tomorrow should be a good day to ski and pretty sure the group ride will be down in numbers with most flocking to Greenbush to do so.

Tomorrow's ride might be a weird ride for me. If the roads are snowy\wet\slushy Im going to ride the fatbike. And that means I will struggle. Even on a good day it tough to keep up. If its not a complete beach ride there is miles of road involved. And I just might get dropped then. Maybe sooner.
But I have the Disc Trucker all turned back into a tour bike so that guy is done till summer.
I do have the disc cross bike to ride and still might do so. But not if its so wet. And if the beach starts to soften up Im screwed with the skinny tires.
I guess I'll prep both and decide in the morn what weapon to use. The Fatbike is already prepped for me to ride this morn but I didn't go. Too many errands to run.

So have a great weekend. Get outside and take advantage of the snow. Again, come Tuesday, it might be gone.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


When you are standing on the beaches of Lake Michigan wearing shorts. At 2 degrees above. When its really cold the lake gives off steam. But also forms this cloud line thingie right down the middle of it. Its that all steam? I dont think so.
I believe that is what we call lake snow. Only on the other side in MI. It needs to swing this way for sure.

The weather here, as stated yesterday, is not very popular right now. Last Saturday it was near 50, only to plunge into the negative  and now 50's are forecasted again for after the weekend. Its just so frustrating.

I did get a little pickmeup this morn as I watched a eagle fly by. That always means its going to be a good day in some way. I'll stay positive.

Im planning a bike ride in the morn. Temps will be up a bit and I'll take the 9zero7 out on the beach and woods. That will be nice I think.

Other than that its biz as usual. I do have one thing on my mind.

As a warm up for my Fat tire Birkie race Im thinking of heading up to Houghton for this one on Feb 9th. This type of race is really taking off. Its not like local series racing around in some park. These are on some of the best ski trails in this part of the country  Just like the Birkie race in March, they will shut down the trail just for the race, then groom behind us. It looks like a very good way to race a fatbike. Smooth and fast with tons of hills. 
This weekend there is another in Marquette than runs along some of the Ore 2 Shore course that we race on in summer.
One could put together a winter triple crown very easily.
And these races are easy for me to hit as a slower store is easy to leave. And at this time of year Im looking to get away a bit. So I have this genre of bike race in my sights in the upcoming years. It will only get bigger.
Bring it on.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I guess I'll go back to complaining. This next stretch of time is going to be a real bummer. The store has slowed to beyond hibernation. Maybe it just feels that way since it was such a good December. A good Christmas sell, backed up by snow to push ski sales and rentals. Things were rockin' all month.
Then, when I thought enough snow fell to hold a base on the trails till spring, I ordered a ton more ski and winter stuff. Two days later everything melted. Base is gone. Ski stuff grinds to a halt. Things get too quiet.
Now, on top of that it below zero. Frigid temps with bare ground is a double whammy.
The the worst of both worlds. To cold to do anything. No snow to do anything.
What the hell happened to winter here?

Ive mentioned this before but I study several weather websites including the National Weather Service. I look at several 30 day outlooks. I try to base my inventory on that info. Even tho it was below zero last nite, I see rain on Sunday\Monday. Thats just nuts. Things like that, that are out of my control, drive me crazy. Its one of the downsides to a bike\ski store. You can do everything right, by the books, and fall short.

And its around this time of year (late Jan\early Feb) that the lack of sunlite hits me and I just need to get away a bit. I think they should move Interbike to February.

So there it is. Some bitching. Now things are back to normal. Temps in the 20's on Saturday and Im already looking forward to the ride then. Ive only been on a bike twice in 14 days. Definitely a product of the weather and time of year.
Even my ship spotting deal is on hold as the shipping season has closed on the lake for a some time. So I cant even do that.

Spin bike still in basement. But I look at it every time I walk past it. I think it laughing at me.
Its like it knows.......


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cold  945am
Sure, today I just could post a pic showing how cold it is, then complain about it but Im not. Most of the time my posts are pretty lame. The last ride I took. The weather. Stupid stuff. So today I just feel like typing. And doing something different so today Im shaking it up by leaving the text left to right instead of centering. And I'll post some personal stuff. Something I almost never do. There are some weirdo's out there that read this blog a lot. And they think they know me. I say no way. I only tell you what I want you to know. So......

  • DRIVING: I love to drive. A car. A truck. A bulldozer. Whatever. If it moves I want to drive it. Every morn I put on about 25 miles on my car before the store opens. Coffee in hand. iPod blasting. Its very calming to me. I can think clear. On longer drives my wife complains that I never talk. Thats cuz most of the time Im someplace else. I get the same feeling as on a solo bike ride. Someday I would just love to hop in my car and drive to the west coast. To me, its just like bike touring only you cover more ground. Which explains why I love bike touring. Its all good fun.
  • SHIP SPOTTING: My new hobby. In the fall\winter the big ships run closer to the shore. So I'll see one (or some days two) and look at THIS SITE to ID them. See where there going, where they have been. Maybe its cuz I was in the transportation biz in one of my prior lives. But its fun to keep track of them. This Sunday, Im headed to Sturgeon Bay, WI for a sight seeing trip. Big shipyards there. This time of year the big ships pull over there for a tune up. Will check them out close up. It all started THIS DAY. And that same ship is in port there right now. Gonna check it out.
  • LANCE: I complain about all the Lance related stuff. Hundreds of opinions. Good and bad. This go's to show that nobody really knows what go's on in cycling. But I do have a few thoughts and I'll make each brief  1) There is also huge doping in other sports, not just cycling. Cycling is the highest tested sport today. 2) I dont blame Lance for doping. Or even for lying about it. He was just covering his, and the other riders ass's. I do blame him, for being a arrogant jackass tho. 3) To get past this, he needs to go away. Bet we all know the book and movie deal is pending. The new road season is starting. Im over it and looking forward.
  • BIKE STORE: being 52 years old and only in this full time for two year with the store being almost 4, Im still relatively new to this. There are some 30 year old store owners that know more than me. But Im having fun with it. Im still learning, still make mistakes. Mostly in accounts payable and inventory. Some of that is just a guessing game anyway. Im making a lot less money than I was in the transportation industry. But love the lifestyle. I get to help people ride bikes. Very cool. While all things change with time, today, I dont see me doing this more than 5 more years. I'll be 57, closing in on 60 years then and would love to move on at least one more time in my life. Im on my third career here. I might shoot for four..... But for now Im pumped to be able to ride bikes that cost 10k and will stick around.
  • FAMILY: I never talk about family. Never. Some things you just need to keep personal. But here's a quickie. Been married 33 years with way more good years than bad. And I think thats all someone can ask for. Three girls with the youngest in collage. I will have a fourth grandchild in about 10 more days. So things going good here. Surely cant complain.
So thats a lot to read. The cold weather has me thinking of putting some time on my spin bike. And my next post just might be about that. Cold weather has the store pretty quiet. Maybe I'll just keep typing....


Monday, January 21, 2013



Cold mornings make me get up late. Bed just too warm to get out of. But I do. Against my better judgement.
Negative 3 this morn as the lake was steaming. Despite what some may call too cold to go out, my routine does not change. But my outside time is just a little shorter, but not by much. No ships today.

Saturday had me at the Madison bike swap. It was the first time I ever was there and had a good time. Sold a bike and a bunch of stuff I didn't want laying around anymore. Went home with about half that I took. This will be an annual thing for me I guess.

Sunday had us out on the Fatbikes. It was cold. Single digits. But we all dressed correctly as there was not a cold rider in the bunch. We once again put in about 15 miles on the snowmobile trails. As you see in the pic, when at spots that the sun hits the snow is almost gone but in the woods it was still around. And some ice too. And just like last week, the way too long climbs rewarded us with crazy, icy, twisty downhills.
It was a great two hour ride. While driving out there, I was pretty sure I was going to be the only one, and was pleasantly surprised to see the other guys.
This was the first activity for me since last Sunday. And with the sub zero temps here till Thursday makes for minimal exercise. That's taking a huge hit on the weight loss as I just do not compensate for lesser activity. I pretty much have one diet, and if Im not moving a lot I gain. I need to ride 10 hours a week to lose weight.
The spin bike in the stores basement is calling....
Im ignoring it. For now.


Friday, January 18, 2013


820am dusting of snow

Little bit of snow today.Maybe if I keep up this "screw winter" attitude it might just come back. Looking ahead, ride time will be minimal in the next week or so. Tomorrow Im heading to a large bike swap in Madison. Gonna try and sell some stuff I dont want anymore. So thats going to take my day. Then Sunday we have a fatbike ride planned back at Greenebush. But the temps will be brutal. Maybe single digits.

I see these guys 8 out of 10 visits to the park. Its two yearlings with their mom. Ive watched them since they were days old. Almost like an extended family. I'd like to think they recognise me, but thats me just thinking weird.
Once the weekend blows thru temps will be single digits during the day and below zero at nite. That will put a halt to outdoor activities  Such crazy weather. 6 days ago it was 51 degrees and raining. A drop in daytime highs of almost 50 degrees. Crazy.
Im going to keep this short today. Pretty busy day. any thoughts on Lance you ask? Nope. None. He only came clean on the obvious. I think the conversation was pretty weak.
Have a great weekend. Get outside before the temps plummet.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I rarely get second chances at anything. But I got one today. A second chance at a foto I screwed up a few days ago. And this one was with a real camera. If you scroll down and look, I was within inches of the first pic. Not bad going just on memory.  At 15 degrees the beach is not that cold when the sun is out. Im out there wearing shorts.
 Ive been wearing shorts 365 for about 10 years now. I do own one pair of jeans. They are about 15 years old now.
I estimate I wear them twice a year, when all my shorts are in the wash.

While I have not been talking much about it I am still working on moving the store. I have narrowed it down to one possible location and have gave them my final offer.
They have a week to decide. After that, it would be tough for me to move so late in spring needing a month for build out.
So now I just wait.
And try not to think about it so I can sleep at nite.

Of late, my thoughts, like always at this time of year, turn to maybe a long weekend in a warm climate. Or.... a colder one with snow. This year is no exception.
I really need to get away. Either north to ski or south to ride. I'll put some more thought in that and see what I can do.

Tonite is the Lance\Oprah thing. Im pretty well past that shit. I'll watch it. But really wont expect much. Except Oprahs ratings will go thru the roof and thats what its about anyway. If there is one thing Lance can do its make him and other people money.

Sub zero temps coming in a few days. This is also the time of year that my activity hits a all time low. The next four weeks is going to be tough.
I almost hate to type this, but I have a spin bike that I pull out in times of need. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
As much as I try not to, Im looking past winter already. Sad.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Headed to the great white north,eh?
Today's pic is again from my phone. No filters. No special effects. That is what it looked like.
Also, it was\is a banner day for ship spotting. I saw two within ten minutes. With a third not that far away.
Today's ship is the Algosteel. Its really the first I identified as Canadian. She's headed for Goderich, Ontario. So she will turn right into Huron, instead of left into Superior.  For the most part, the same 10 or so ships go back and forth in Michigan. Mostly up and across Superior. Some ships I can ID just by sight. But its a first for me to ID a ship from Canada, although Im sure that happens all the time.

Yesterday I installed the carbon fork on my fatbike and was planning a ride this morn but just did not summon the motivation needed to do so. And it was pretty warm out at 22 degrees. This time of year is a tough one for me. Lack of sunlite and cold temps. Add those two with lack of snow and its tough sledding the next two months. Pun intended.

As one gets older one's resilience to winter is less. I like winter. When the snow is good, skiing on a sunny cold day on awesome trails make winter in Wisco worth it.
I still have hope for this year. But as I look at several 30 day forecasts I cant help to think that its only about 8 more weeks. And no snow in sight. Very sad. Even in northern Wisco. Trails systems up north are either in sad shape or closed. One would need to go all the way up to Lake Superior to see good snow right now. Im complaining. I'll stop.

I didn't get to my tour bike yesterday. Im on that today.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Look long. Its getting deleted. 845am
I get a lot of complements on my pics. Mostly taken with my phone. Ive got so many pics on my Google+ account I had to buy extra storage.

Today I got down to the HP and saw the makings of today's pic and took just one, then moved on to just hanging out. Sometimes I spend some time looking for the pic of the day. Today I was happy to spend about 20 seconds. And it showed. 

Then, when I got to the store I saw that, yup, thats my finger there on top. But take away that and its a pretty cool pic of the sun bouncing off the lake and icy beach. Oh well. Im human.

Now, I could crop that out on Picasa, but I wont. I'll delete it completely thinking I had one shot at this and blew it. I really should start using a real camera. But I wont.

Today is surprisingly going to be a busy day at the store. Not sales. Mostly my stuff. Mr UPS will be dropping off my carbon fatbike fork from Carver. And thus dropping one more pound from the bike.
Im putting my Disk Trucker back into tour mode. Bolting back on all racks and bags.
Im thinking of a winter hotel tour(maybe).
If the temps warm up Im thinking instead of complaining about it maybe taking full advantage and doing a four day tour north. Hotel only. Replacing the tent and all camping stuff with more and warmer clothing. Credit card in hand. Right now its a thought but I want the bike ready to go at a moments notice.
I'll ride my cross bike the rest of the winter. Fatbike too of course.
And thats all for today.


Monday, January 14, 2013


Old school.

Today is one of those days where either nothing has happened to me to write about, or so much has happened Im not sure what to say.
The weekend was full of bike riding. Go figure.
Sunday on the snowmobile trails.

Saturday it was a crazy 51 degrees at ride time (8am). The sun came out a few times also. Mixed feeling about that.

The skier and businessman in me is upset. Rentals and winter sales screech to a halt, putting the store in hibernation.

The bike rider in me gets pumped. So pumped that I passed on breakfast on the ride Saturday and just kept going getting in 50 miles. Its been a long time since I rode 50 miles. Like last October. I was tired and sore. And I liked it.

Sunday had us grabbing the fatbikes for some riding in Greenbush. From 51 degrees to about 18.  We hit up the hiking trails knowing the drastic drop in temp would have the trails easy to stay on top of but the few who walked it the day before left such huge prints in the now froze snow and it was just too rough to ride.
So we hit the snowmobile trails and had a blast. Huge downhills in the northern kettle area had us blasting 30mph and braking hard on icy\snowy conditions. I almost missed the trail at 20mph and that would have left a mark. I pulled it together at the last second, narrowly missing a metal trail sign. I slowed down after that.
But not by much.
So then continues the internal struggle inside me. Whats good for biking now is bad for skiing. And the other way round. I guess I will lean toward the season and take more snow. I like winter and its such a short window.
And I just restocked winter stuff. 
So lets hear it for winter!
Bring it on(more).


Friday, January 11, 2013


As expected the trails did not survive the meltdown. Back to square one.
Its quite depressing for me especially since I put hours in grooming them. Even the base is gone.

Its rain and 50 degrees today. January 11th in Wisconsin. Im thinking I might just ditch the winter sports thing in the store. or just pull way,way back.
That was not the case a week ago. I pretty much sold out and just ordered a bunch of new stuff. If I waited 2 more days to do that I would not have.

I hate when biz is so dependent on weather. You can be rich one week and poor the next, only to get rich again a week later.
I know what your thinking, and I am here by choice. But that does not stop me from complaining now and then.

Tomorrow I will be on the group ride in the morning, again riding the tour bike to take use of full fenders. Its looking like a full on road ride but I said that last week too.
I guess its back to all bikes for the time. Once again I am looking at 30 day forecasts to see when we might get the snow back. As usual, it does not look good right now.
I did get to use my new ski's twice. 
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another active day yesterday had me not posting while heading to the Greenbush trail system to really test out my million dollar ski's. The other day when I skied it was at a pretty flat and worn out park. I put a scratch in one. Having such high end ski's have me thinking about that stuff now. I don't really like having to worry bout that but whatever.

So yesterday on the "real" ski trails was the test. I started out pretty rough. Several huge downhills had me bailing out on the bottom. Once pretty hard into the woods. Those ski's are fast!

As hard as I tried to "snoplow" I just could not scrub off enough speed to make the turns on the bottom. The first lap around was a struggle. The second was not so bad. And by the time I hit the third lap I improved and did not fall at all. Was pretty happy bout that.
Anyway, its all going to be a memory as 50 degree rain is here for two days. The two local trail systems in town will not survive. Hopefully Greenbush will. I will hope for the best. I was just getting all pumped up about skiing.

So thats two active days in a row for me. I would have made it three this morn but I met with my possible new landlord today. I will have a lease to read over by the 15th and will need to make a decision at that time. Sleepless nights.

This is the time in the bike industry to clean,paint or just do the stuff you dont have time to do in the summer. But until I know whats happening with the new spot thats all on hold. So the days are going to be kinda long until then. And then, may get even longer if Im moving.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013



And you are looking at the US John J Boland. heading for the Indiana port. The pic above is from downtown, with our lighthouse for size reference. The pic to the left is from my Happy Place about 20 min later.
Good stuff.

Last weekend was quite the busy one for me. Did the group ride on Saturday however it was a weird one. Some wanted to hit the woods (too deep for some), some wanted to stay on road (to boring for some) and the rest tried the beach. I was a beach trier but with the Disc Trucker it was just too rough and I walked off after a few miles with a couple more riders, having some riders stay on the beach. So we were scattered everywhere. In the long run, most did meet up at the restaurant but I did not think that was going to happen so I just turned around at one point and headed back.
Sunday had me out on my million dollar classic ski's for the first time and I was fearing the worse thinking there was no way I could control those bad boys.
But it went well. They for sure had a ton of glide going on and I didn't fall once.
I might keep them for awhile.....
Off with the ski boots and on with the riding boots. Two hours in the woods and beach with the fatbike crew. Riding the fat tires is fun all the time, but is way more fun when your riding where your normal bike cant. The trails in the woods was a blast. Hikers had it packed just enough to ride on easily. At times the sun came out and made the woods riding almost a religious experience. Hope to have more of that this winter. Bring it.

But alas the temps are on the rise with 40's the next 4 or 5 days. The local ski systems will fail. And once again the wait for more snow will begin again.
Our main system, Greenbush, just might survive if the rain stays away. Fingers crossed.

As I mentioned, the weight loss has been on hold due to the holidays. But now its game on again and that means getting back in the activity during the week. This morn, its two hours on the bike. Tomorrow I am looking for two hours on the ski's before the snow is gone. Then will concentrate on the bike with the springlike weather the rest of the week.
Will try to ride\ski 10 hours in the next 7 days.


Monday, January 7, 2013


Yesterday. Foto by Mike K.

This Fatbike thing can be confusing. Its so new(ish). New products being developed everyday. Old tried and true products never in stock.
As a dealer, its been frustrating.
The small group you see here from yesterday has bought their bikes from four different dealers with one of course being mine.
With all this stuff being so new (to the mainstream) there are so many views, thoughts and opinions between all the dealers. And riders.
Today, the fat bike is evolving to a more faster, smaller, lighter all around bike and the views, thoughts and opinions are changing once more. Rim width is getting smaller, not bigger.  Wheels sets getting lighter. Tires are getting higher end 120 tpi. So now that Joe Biker has decided to pull the trigger on a fatbike based on a few years of old data he is now already behind in trend. I get this a lot.
 My first fatbike was a Pug. Over two years ago. Next came my Moonlander. A even fatter fatbike. I still have it. While I liked to ride and still do, its just feels "clunky" in the tight stuff. And that's fine cuz that's how its supposed to feel with 5 inch wide tires.

So now Im on the smaller faster lighter bandwagon. Selling aluminum 9zero7's. Every wheelset I get is smaller than the other. Im running 65mm Margelites now and have 45mm 616's coming. Remember my Moonlander has of course 100mm rims. The fattest of the fat. Pretty cool.

So now finally we have a fatbike contingency here in town and while everyone is pumped to be fattired, Im getting smaller in that respect and no one can relate to that right now.
And lets talk tire pressure.
Every store sells their bikes with recommendations for low, low, low tire pressure. Lower the better? Sure, for more float. It seems on our group ride its a competition to see who can run the lowest. When we ask each other about what pressure we have at the time some will boast 7 or 8. I hear some say 7.5 to 7.8. Then one will boast 5psi and the others will gasp. And jump off to let some air out.
Me? Yesterday I ran 18. And was just fine.
 Two years ago we were on all the same tire and it was a no brainer to do what everyone else does. But I go 250 plus pounds and now on lighter side wall tires today. Its not the same for me.
The group almost laughs (in a good way) at me when I tell them my pressure. I kinda get the "what the hell are you doing?" look. They tell me that Billy Bob from some other store said to run no more than 8. Billy Bob most likely weights 165 pounds and runs a 27tpi Larry for tires on a Rolling Darrel rim.
Its not the same for me. Or you for that matter.
So when I'm running in the deeper snow do I take the pressure down? Of course I do. I do so based on how much float I need. If I'm on the frozen beach I need zero float. You could ride a road bike then. 20 pounds of air for me then. What??? You heard me.

I guess my point is that the fatbikes Im trying to build up are not  to get the most float, or biggest footprint. But trying to fit in year round. In the summer on the dry trails as well as the winter woods. Im not saying this to sell bikes. I have the stores website to do that.
I just saying its OK for your fatbike to not be a traditional fatbike. And if your about to join the movement, don't be so gun ho to be the fattest or the dude with the lowest pressure unless that's absolutely what your going for. There is a "too fat" line drawn somewhere. I'm not sure where but somewhere. Going fat is awesome, but sometimes too fat hurts where and when you can ride it. And helps at times too. Just depends on when and where you ride. For me, needing maximum float is only a very small part of my fatbike riding.
So don't get talked into needing the fattest tires, or get lured by the thought of just being able to run 5psi. Its cool alrighty, but not always needed.

So how fat should you go?
Really, that's a personal issue. I wont go there. Only you can.


Friday, January 4, 2013


Today I spent some time in my Happy Place checking up on my grooming. Wednesdays groom still looks good but we really need more snow to improve it. The good spots got better and the lean areas got worse.
This pic is from a good spot. 

As I always do, I have big plans this weekend. I hope to get back on the bike with the Saturday group ride. Not sure if the beach is ride able but woods is out for normal MTB's.
I guess I would not mind a road ride as long as I get some time in the saddle. Most likely ride the Surly Disc Trucker. Sunday morn I plan on trying out my new carbon classic ski's. That should be a sight to see. Its funny enough to watch me wipe out on a rental set, let alone a $500 set of carbon racing ski's. I might just sell them before I ruin them....

Then after that is our bi weekly fatbike ride Sunday at 11am. I'll ditch the ski's and grab the 9zero7 to spend some quality time in the woods and beach. The fat tires allowing us to do both with no problem unlike the day before.....

I always get a little optimistic with my weekend schedule. Bring it.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013



If I had a better camera this pic of the US Wilfred Sykes would have been epic. In the fog of Lake Michigan makes it look like some kind of ghost ship. The shipping season on the lake will end soon. Pending if winter will stay.
Yesterday I had my first ski in two years and it went as such, Almost an hour was good enough for me. At least for the first time. Soon my high end ski's will arrive and with that I hope to get more motivation to do so. Im not worried.
Yesterday I was just too busy to post. In fact I am doing this from home, something I almost never do. Yesterday was not Long Ride Wednesday. I decided to re groom the park. Since I groomed on Saturday the trail took quite a beating. And since I had help in the store I could take my time and do a better job.
So thats what I did.
Soon, I hope to re start my activity schedule and ride\ski more. I ended the Holiday season a few pounds up but Im not discouraged. Ive been on the weight watchers program since Nov 1st and did well the first month but not so good in December.
Looking forward to getting back in the groove.
Today I meet with a potential new space for the store. This one is looking good.
Could have the lease signed by the end of the week.
Exciting stuff.