Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Fatbike ride

Its Sunday nite and I guess I gatta post when I get the chance.Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and due to my family's work schedule is the day we get together. So no time to post in the morn. Also, on top of that the store is open noon to 3pm. So its a busy day for me. Also going to pass on posting Xmas day too.

Saturday I had a busy day planned at the store and had to be there to open at 10am so I had to cut the group ride short. I did manage about a hour and a half tho. Mostly beach riding. I was riding the 9zero7. I rode that bike both days this weekend.
Both days the beach was a hiway. A little icy on Saturday but come Sunday the ice was gone and the riding was easy.
Sunday was our biweekly fatbike ride.
A very nice ride with good friends. A few new faces. 25 miles of mostly beach with a little woods at the end. Pretty sure fun was had by all.
With all the busy holiday stuff on Monday, leaves me open on Christmas day for a ride. Thats a first for me and right now I am planning a bit of a road ride with the Disc Trucker. It will be a solo ride but thats OK. Its been a long time since I had a 3 hour solo ride. Charged iPod in hand.

So its going to be a bit strange Christmas but enjoyable I believe. Next post should be Wednesday.
Have a great Christmas!


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