Monday, December 31, 2012


Im a biker first, skier second. A huge amount of our group is the opposite.  With the current snow we lose them till spring. While I like to ski, I would never pass up a perfectly good bike ride to do it. That said...

I have yet to get out on the snow. Not by choice  First off, the store has been rockin' since the snow fell a week ago. Everybody was starved for skiing\snowshoeing and it hit the store like a two ton heavy thing. Thats good for biz.
But work trumps play and have not had the time to get outside and play. That, and when I do ski I just grab a set of rentals from the store and go. However, we have been sold out of rentals almost everyday since it snowed. So I have not had the equipment to do so. Again, not complaining.

But I do love to get outside in the winter. And in the past the low end rental ski is all I used. Until now.
Every year winter I think about getting my own set. But Im just a simple classic guy and have never skate skied, and have no ambition to try, so I just grab a rental set, which is the entry level ski and go.
But today, after getting shut out of skiing the last week, pulled the trigger and ordered my very own set of classic race skis. High end stuff. Boots too. Carbon stuff.
I feel kinds quality about spending all that money on my ski's. I feel its money wasted cuz Im not that good. Makes me kinda understand when someone off the street asks about the cost of my demo bikes and fall over when I tell them. I kinda fell over when I was told what my ski's and boots cost. And that's dealer cost!

Anyway, looking forward to skiing. The local parks are open. The pic above is me grooming my HP Saturday morn. So Long Ride Wednesday might just turn into a fatbike ride, and I'll always jump in the group ride on Saturdays, but now will throw in a ski or two. Maybe one during the week before I open and one on the weekend.

As far as skating, Im sure I would like it. Im sure I could do it. But Im just not that into it. And its really expensive stuff. And really, I enjoy skiing the smaller trail systems, like the one I groom. And most of those do not set skate trail. Just classic.

And that describes me. Just classic.
Have a safe Holiday!


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