Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Today you cant slap the smile from my face. Snow is coming. For reals. Im tracking the storm that will hit Thursday morning. It looks to be moving in the perfect spot to hit with 6 inches of snow. Im waxing all the rental ski's today.

Look out in the lake. This morning I witnessed a phenomenon that I have only seen twice before. That looks like some kind of big wave coming in. So I waited. And waited. About an hour. Its was not a big wave but a change in wave direction. Thats kinda where its going against the grain. I watched it come in. 
Here it is just 20 feet from the shore. Waves were moving right to left, now left to right. Again, just the second time I witnessed it. And Im here everyday. Cool stuff.

Back to the weather, I have the National Weather Service live on one of my computers all day and things look good. The only variable it the temp. Too warm and its rain. Or really slushy snow. At any rate, Im going to be grooming Friday morn.
I cant wait. Tomorrow, after long ride Wednesday, Im going out to the park to fire up the snowmobile. Im sure the maintenance guys have already did so but just want to double check.

And then its game on. Im scrambling to wax all 20 of the rental ski's.
Along with selling lots of Christmas stuff....
Busy few days... Bring it.


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