Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Just another day in paradise. Its 50 degrees at 830am, when I took both of these pics with my phone. While I love the weather for riding, and the group rides are huge due to this weather, I need winter to show at some point.
That would be nice.

When the store is empty I sometimes think about stuff. 

Like this warm weather has me thinking how easy it would be for me to move, barring responsibilities like the store.
Being a truck driver by trade I could pretty much get a job anywhere, and maybe that will come into play in the future. I certainly wont let that lapse for that very reason. 

I honestly don't think Im going to be a lustrous bike shop owner forever. At some point I will move on. For me its been about a 10 year swing with stuff, then I start looking elsewhere. 

I have done this three times now. But since Im only 4 years into this store I do have some time left. If, I play by the rules. Which I mostly do not. Ive been thinking about a change of scenery quite a bit of late.

Where would I go? My thoughts are pretty open. Northwestern Wisco seems nice to me. Beautiful summers and great winters (for winter sports).
But then, my thoughts have always pointed to the west. I get that from my father.  As much as I like winter, I could give it up for 100% of summer. Warm temps year round are not bad.
Sure seems I could keep myself busy in a west coast environment.
Riding\racing\hiking\camping\ kayaking\touring\sightseeing\ National Park visiting.
And more.
Alas, dreams are meant to be dreamt. For me to spend time of that caliber would be what we call a "long shot".
I have a business. I have a mortgage. And of course family. 
While I would love to live west, I would also have to budget in many visits back home. 

It was just last January that Yellowstone called and asked me if I wanted to run the bike rentals for the summer. Trust me... I tried and thought of every angle. I lost a lot of sleep on that one. To the point of needing to take "sleeping aids".
This is, for real, one of those deals that you regret to the grave. But my choice really was not a choice at all. It just was not possible. So it was a easy one to make. Moving on.

So while I will continue to pine for the west, I am very happy to live where I do. Next to Lake Michigan, with my morning visits. My easy lifestyle of bike store owner. I will continue to love the summers here and pray for winter to arrive with vengeance. And complain on this blog when it does not.
But when I think about this stuff, it always ends with the same thought.

"Maybe someday"


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holepuncher1 said...

Dano I can sincerely hear you say it, "Maybe some day"