Thursday, December 20, 2012



How can they get this so wrong? Its raining and any snow we had on the ground is gone. 38 degrees right now. Today's pic is from the exact same spot as yesterdays. Check pic below. Snow is now gone. Weather dudes were calling out a epic storm.
Sheboygan closed its schools for this? That's a epic fail.
But this is not the case just 25 miles away. There, up to a foot of snow. We are getting rain due to the east winds off the warm lake. Stupid lake. My relationship with this lake is truly a love\hate.

Most of the time its my friend. I spend my mornings with it. There's not a lot about it I don't know. But there are two times it works against me. Today is one of those times. The lake is warming the air here and turning all the snow to rain. Just 10 miles inland there is 6 inches on the ground. 25 miles away has a foot. We have rain and mud. I'll call this strike one.

Then, in spring, it works in reverse. East winds off the lake cools off the shoreline. Again, just a few miles inland it could be 60 degrees in May, but 45 here. That's why we ride straight west, away from the lake in spring. When we do that we go thru 3 or 4 clothing changes. Its nuts.

So while I could not imagine living anywhere else(for now). I do get a bit irritated when this happens. I guess the silver lining in this is that good skiing will only be a 20 minute drive west. That's always better than nothing.

Like any relationship, I'll get over it and forgive. Just not today. Im too crabby.


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