Friday, December 28, 2012


Its snowing like crazy! 915am

What snow the lake took away last week is being paid back today.  Huge lake effect snow this morning. All day heading into tonite. Ive seen this type of thing dump 6 more inches in the park than anywhere else so its fingers crossed. I may have to ditch the group ride in the morning for grooming.....

Yesterday me and a buddy heading over to The Northern Kettles trail system we call Greenbush and planned a fatbike ride on the bike trails there. In the winter those trails get snowshoed so we thought we were good to go as the snow looked pretty packed down.
But alas, the snow was way too deep and too soft. We struggled to stay upright. I had the tire pressure down to 8psi and still not enough float. I should have brought the Moonlander.

We did ditch the single track and ran some snowmobile trails and those were a little better but still way too soft. But I think once this snow firms up a bit those trails would be rideable.
So we will just have to wait for the conditions to change for any fatbike sno adventures.

The store has been crazy good. Ski rentals off the hook. Trying to make up for last years shutout. Past 3 years I have rented out twice. I have already rented out twice in the last 4 days. And I added a few sets to the rental fleet to make it 20 this year.
So thats a good thing. Its taking all my time, 10 hours a day in the store for me.

Other than that, Im getting serious again on the Weightwatchers front. Im happy with the Holidays lull in weight loss, I held my own and did not gain. And my activity is way off the last two weeks with the Holidays and being sick earlier.

As far as activity, the deeper snow might just kick us off the beach and such, but now its game on with the skiing. Only problem is, I just grab a rental set when I head out and there has been none for me of late.
So today I pull the trigger and buy my own personal set.
I still do not skateski. Im a classic guy to the end. I just like skiing the smaller trail systems, like my Happy Place. The smaller systems do not groom for skate. And every now and then I blaze my own trail. So as much fun as skating looks, Im getting a premium set of classics's.
I have not skied yet but hope to soon. My ski's wont get here for at least a week.

But when they do come, its game on. As much as I hope to rent out again this weekend, I kinda hope there's maybe one set left for me.....
Have a great weekend. Get outside!


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