Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Yesterday we got a covering of snow. The ground is white for the first time. The streets are a bit too icy for LRW today, but hope that I can sneak out around noon for maybe an hour. Better than nothing I guess.
The news is all about the impending storm. Set to hit late today. We are right on the line of rain\snow. If the low pressure movers just 20 miles south we should be good to go. I have stopped at the park this morn(no shit)and have made plans to groom at 8am tomorrow.
Hopefully the snow cover we got yesterday will kick start this next storm.
Im pretty pumped. Did nothing else yesterday but waxed ski's. Rental and a few more.

Now all we can do is wait.
Between Christmas week and the snow its been very busy in the store.
For some reason it feels like the weekend is closer that it really is . Not sure why.
Saturdays group ride will be strange. Larger snow amount might kick us out of the woods. Which is fine by me. The beach will be the only route to head south (besides road) and thats never guaranteed to be froze hard enough to ride. Although the temps look pretty low this weekend and should be no problem.
Sunday will be fatbike ride day.
For me, Christmas day is actually the Eve, and have Christmas day open, hope to get a ride in then also.

Usually I dont post on LRW, but will do so today and most likely skip tomorrow as I should be grooming all morning. While Im kinda bummed to be off the bike all last week, and now into this, Im pretty pumped about the potential to ski this weekend. 
We do lose a good number of riders on the group ride to skiing. At least a forth. Maybe almost half. While I love skiing, riding will trump skiing every time for me. But I try to do both.

I better get to those ski's if I wanna ride in a few hours.


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