Monday, December 10, 2012



Your not going to hear me complaining about how crappy I feel today. Or how crappy Ive been feeling since Friday afternoon. Felt my super mega cold coming on right after my ride on Friday and have been down ever since. No riding for me at all this weekend.  Just a lot of couch and bathroom time. Nuff said. Still unable to function properly today.

I did spend a little longer time at the HP. It really was the first time I left the house since Friday. And the sun was out. It was cold but I didn't notice.
Saw these balloons washing ashore. I waited for some time to reach them. I could tell they were attached to something but they would not come any closer. I'll look for them again tomorrow. Doubt if I find them tho....

With all the downtime this weekend I found a new hobby.
A couple posts ago I had a pic of the freighter running close to shore, as they do in winter. One of the first things I do this time of year when I hit the lake in the morn is look for ships. You see them quite a bit. At least I do.
A buddy saw that post and sent me a link to a site that locates all the ships on the Great Lakes. Shows you where they are going, where they have been. Tells you how fast they are moving, etc. Having Garmins on our bikes we all know the wonder of GPS.

Now, when I see a ship I can track it. Or I can look for one coming, then take a ride to find it. The ship in my pic last Thursday was the Oberstar. I tracked it down to Chicago, where it ported, then it ran up into Superior, towards Duluth. 

This just adds to my love of Lake Michigan. If I see a ship, I pull out my phone to ID it. Then when I get back home or the store, look where its going and where its been.
Maybe I seem a bit too pumped about this but it sure arrived in my life at the best time as I was couch ridden since Friday nite.

Anyhoo, Im still unable to ride and hope I get some strength back for LRW. Even if its only a short ride Wednesday.
My plans are to ride everyday, Wednesday thru Sunday to make up.
Hope I recover. Being sick is a bummer.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the website. It makes my day when I am able to see a large ship when I am near the Great Lakes.